I wish the coloring wasn’t mostly silver as I think it would help solving it easier. I would purchase this along with their 2×2 cube. Very pleased with this cube. I would purchase this again if I needed another one. Buy the 2×2 one also.

1000x1000x1000 rubik cube

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I remember spending hours as a kid playing with one of these brain teaser cubes. The mechanism is very good.

10x10x10 Rubik’s Cube simulator

The packaging of the box is really simple and cool. Honestly, I’ve never completely solved one of these in my own. This one is heavier than average at 86 grams. However, with a few twists, you are easily in a whirlwind of turning, rotating, and changing panels quickly to try to find the solution again. It arrived quickly and was almost instantly taken over by my 7 year old. I wish the coloring wasn’t mostly silver as I think it would help 1000x1000x10000 it easier.

However, that can’t really be helped, as that is the nature of glow-in-the-dark. Should you buy this speed cube?

33x33x33 Rubik’s Cube – World Record

I definitely agree with it being a speed cube! It has the same bright colors that I always remember them having. Skip to main content. My only wish is that I could see the colors in the dark, since it is a glow-in-the-dark cube.


Rubiks Cubes 100×100

They took it a gubik turns too far and couldn’t solve The big downside I see is that it has a mainly silver color with minor coloring around the outside of each individual square. That was so annoying! Very pleased with this cube. My son was able to take pieces out and in to reconstruct the cube and still works well.

I was super excited to share my childhood fun with my kiddos with this 2 X 2 cube. This Rubik’s cube has solved that problem. Would be a great stocking stuffer or to place on a coffee table.

1000x1000x1000 rubik cube

I’m no Rubik’s Cube expert and neither is my son who I really bought this for. I contacted the seller and he immediately provided excellent customer service and remedied the situation.

1000x1000x1000 rubik cube

I’m attempting to start a collection of Rubik’s Cubes, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this cube moves!

Buy the 2×2 one also. It was a great way to entertain myself, but also keep my brain working hard at problem solving- even though I’ve never been able to actually solve one.

For anyone less than an aspiring expert – especially for those coming from “ordinary” cubes – this is a perfectly reasonable entry-level choice. It works as advertised and it’s been few months now and it hasn’t broken yet! When I bought it I didn’t think it would be a big downfall, but I find myself having to stop and look every once in awhile to figure out which color I’m working on.


It is light and spins well, you can even spend it with one hand if you really want to.

Would you rather solve this xx rubiks cube? or solve this thing?

See All Buying Options. When it arrives, it’s in the solved position with all panels matching. I haven’t had any trouble with a binding up yet after using it and solving it at least two or three times. That rotation resistance is average among these speed cubes. My daughter and husband now have solution races: Before if it wasn’t lined up perfectly, it wouldn’t turn.