We consider the inability to run VBScript programs to be a feature, not a bug. The following platforms are supported by this Beta release: Cheers, Rob [reply] Re: This package has only been tested with Solaris 2. This happens automatically if the vendor compiler is not available on the target system.

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This package must be installed into a separate directory.

Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

P to the list so our Perl programs will execute directly from the command line, plus – as a security measure – removing a few others. Fully remove the old ActivePerl installation and reinstall. Perl Binaries Perl supports over platformsmany of which ship with a version of Perl by default.

For example, this release of ActivePerl is 5. The new software is too expensive for us to upgrade, sadly. Back to Seekers of Perl Wisdom. This activestate perl 5.8 is more likely to work with modern firewall setups. If you share the system with other people, or if you do not have root access, it is recommended that you install ActivePerl in your own user directory. Much of this activestate perl 5.8 done at the command line, as this is how we normally operate. You’re welcome to a copy if it’ll help.


As usual, you can download it from the main ActivePerl page. Please send feedback to activeperl-feedback. Mostly minor patches are applied. Typing perl -v at the command prompt will tell you which version of Perl is currently first in your PATH.

This also allows users to install packages into their home directory when using a shared ActivePerl installation which the user does not have permissions to modify. As usual, you can download it via the main ActivePerl page: I searched and found ActivePerl traffic on PerlMonks, hence my query here.

Installing and configuring ActivePerl for Evolution

If you do receive this error, it is because you did not properly remove the old ActivePerl installation before you installed. Replies are listed ‘Best First’. Many bundled modules have been updated to their latest versions: The main user visible change will be that activestate perl 5.8 command line shell is replaced by a graphical shell, but this shell will not appear until Beta 2 of ActivePerl This release corresponds to Perl version 5.

This can be downloaded from their website: The following platforms are supported by this Beta release: Linux Almost all Linux distributions come with Perl, or you are able to install Perl through their package management system. PerlMonks lovingly hand-crafted by Tim Vroom. Download the distribution to a temporary directory, extract the files, chdir to the ActivePerl directory and then run activestate perl 5.8 script install.


PerlMonks was recently assimilated by The Perl Foundation. Previous releases were built with the GNU compiler gcc. It’s not necessary to provide any of the registration information requested – you can click right through it.

This is a Beta release and may contain incomplete features and known bugs. If you share the system activestate perl 5.8 other people, or if you do not have root access, you may install ActivePerl in your own user directory. I’d be thinking that any ActivePerl 5. For example, in the C shell:. ActivePerl is now fully configured and ready to use. The installation script will prompt you for the target installation directory.