The application keeps a history of your queries issued from the current workstation. For SQL statements that return a result set, this is a character to be quote No used as a quote char when saving the result set to a standard output file. This tab is used to display the query under examination. You should provide the work email ID. Displays a window that provides a detailed description i. DO NOT 29 6.

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DO NOT 2 8. Displays online help documentation. Performs analysis of the contents aginity workbench for netezza the data table to suggest improvements related to aginity workbench for netezza nullability of the fields that allow nulls, minimization of the row size by using the minimum precision for the columns, and minimization of the size of the character columns.

To perform an operation on an object, you must select this object in the Object Browser, click Object on the main toolbar of the program, select the appropriate object type on the displayed menu, and then click the required command.

Executes all the text that is displayed in the open SQL Editor if no part of this text is selected. Updates the status of all servers in the Object Browser. Replaces spaces at the beginning of a line with tabs. Opens a set of queries using a specified path, and displays them in the Query Analyzer window.


The information includes allocated space, used space, the percentage of used space in the allocated space, number of rows, skew, and the created date.


They can be edited using both Workbench functionality wirkbench SQL queries. Changes lower case symbols to upper case symbols and vice-versa.

The Execute with Trace Feature. The connection string to aginity workbench for netezza destination database where the SQL statements are to be executed. If you want to proceed with deleting the snippet, click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

To do this, drag the column that you want to group by to the drag a column header here area. The Application Options functionality includes the following option-related sections: Comments On a clean machine you still need to install odbc drivers.

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File Menu The File menu consists of standard-type file management options, and allows you to access the main functionality, provided by the application. Select from a list. In the Connection string box of the displayed Workbench Command Line Builder window, specify the connection string for the server to be used.

DO NOT 18 5. The following parameter names are automatically assigned a data type, other than String, if not specified otherwise by the user: To specify the connection string correctly, click the ellipsis button next to the box, select the appropriate database, and click Connect. Allows you to paste text from the worrkbench into the SQL Editor.



It shows helpful status information. The listed operations include, but are not limited to, importing and exporting data, converting text files, and so on. Workbench Command Line Builder Specifying whether or not the first row must contain column names, nstezza to be included in the output, and their order.

DO NOT 78 6.

How to Install Aginity Workbench for Netezza

The data highlighted in blue is live data. Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download’s Windows Apps newsletter.

Unlike with the Script Database command, you must provide the connection details for xginity database that you want to reverse-engineer.

Positions the pointer in the current SQL Editor. To do this, choose the schema that you want to update, and then click one of the Alter Script buttons. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

You can quickly perform a detailed analysis of the query plans and processing distribution.