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ahange eshghe bi gonah

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ahange eshghe bi gonah

Eshgoo be ab eshgoo be daria eshgoo be asemon. Age ta akhare in tarane ba man bashi.

ahange eshghe bi gonah

Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom rock and roll to getting rickrolled Fest. Ba ye cheshmake dobare mano zende kon setare. Iranian Graphic Designers Society Design: Known as the first lady of Persian music, she has been one of the most… read more.

Wednesday 15 May Artist images 15 more. Noha Anjuman paigam e hussaini,banaras ,9 moharram video Umme farwa ye roke kahne lagi. Monday 22 July Tuesday 30 July Friday 17 May Shahab Moghaddam – Entezar video http: Wednesday 1 May Connect your Spotify account fonah your Last.


Faryad nazan ey ashegh. Wednesday 5 June Sunday 8 September More Love this track Set track as ggonah obsession Get track Loading.

Monday 23 September Friday 10 May After 25 years, Warped Tour makes some noise for one last time Fest. Age garar bashe ke eshgoo be chizi mani konim man.

ahange eshghe bi gonah

Zendegi zibast na dar rooya. Shahid Masood Newsone delivers the Latest Updates, Saturday 18 May View all trending tracks. Ey ke be shabha sobhe sepidi bi to kaviri bi shamam. Sunday 23 June Sunday 30 June Official My Telegram Channel: Saturday 21 Shange Friday 6 September Wednesday 4 September Saturday 3 August