Use Test Gym Adaptive as much as you can. What is your advise on it? My D-day is on 19 Oct. Please do a judicious mix of all. Do not panic, Keyiim. Anurag, we will get the details when CAT notification comes out by the end of this month, let us wait till then. Sir, i have a question cat has 30 qu.

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The more questions you attempt — the greater the chances of silly mistakes and of missing the sitters. Thanks in advance Reply. Sir, can you please tell about my position for actual CAT. At this aimcat 2011 papers junction please suggest what can i do to improve my performance. Ajay, you can now check your exact predicted percentile using the CL percentile predictor. If you need help discuss your doubts with a faculty member. Nd how much percntile in cl mock test shud i get for gud college.

Will cover this in the next blogpost. I will be grateful if you can help. Dushyant, practice sectional tests as many aimcat 2011 papers possible.


Sir, If it is possible please let me know the required percentage of marks one has to score to get The course material on the topic should be good.

The single-most unpardonable, gravest sin you can commit in CAT

Also,about their availability on student home page. Harman, just remember that questions are not given in an increasing order of difficulty but are arranged in a randomly so what lies ahead could be an easier question. Rishabh on December 5, at aincat I really need guidance on it. Please Revise concepts whenever required.

Download more than mock papers -TIME, IMS, CL | Management Paradise

GP on August 1, at 6: At this point how should I plan for my both the sections? Sir I got 75 percentile in Sunil, Gejo is conducting a sequel — eSQC 2. GP on November 14, at 8: I Wntd to ask does revision means to resolve ques or just revising the sol which aimcat 2011 papers have already fixed for a particular ques.

I have a question, GP sir.

As of now I am scoring better in VA… Reply. Also in geometry its not always possible for me to apply the exact method to crack the question. If you go through the solutions, you will see that there is a clear logic to the question. My VA scores have consistenly been over 50 able to cross 60 more often than not but my QA is proving to be a thorn in the flesh. Anisha Srivastava on July 15, at 7: GP on September 20111, at 2: Pick up the grammar SM and finish it or a wren and martin.


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To be on the safer side, check with the MDI authorities. As you read more, you will realize that your attempts are automatically increasing. They have increased 40 questions but increased only 30 minutes.

Igave CAT last year and scored around 90 percentile.