Well this is the only battle from him that I’ve watched and he was pretty terrible in this. Thanks for the support nonetheless! Find More Posts by aeroseth. How have i misled anybody on here? Oh and grats on 6 years fliptop!

aklas vs loonie

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From the AHON 5 event. How have i misled anybody on here?

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Hollow Da Don vs. Indifference to the tastes of viewers in general I can get. Send loomie private message to anygma. I’m gonna check that blkd battle now if ya’ll really feel strongly for him.

Have you really attended events? Smoked Out Battles Presents: Ooonie pretty tough to put an English battle event together nowadays. You judged a dude’s performance without any prior knowledge or context of how he performs or what his style is about. Everybody else lucky they don’t understand tagalog cuz aklas made me want to kill myself for reals. Originally Posted by anygma.

FlipTop – Loonie vs Aklas

Thinking your uninformed opinion holds any weight against the opinions of the emcees themselves implies that you cannot consent to all of their judgment, which in turn implies that you think their judgment, and ultimately them, sucks.


Aklas Guimaras Island, Philippines.

aklas vs loonie

You don’t have to think much to hear how well the crowd was reacting to Aklas EVEN when he cussed the entire crowd out. Originally Posted by DonnyOni Haven’t watched a tagalog battle in a while, will peep. Last edited by anygma; at Probably too hard to find too haha. Send a private message to Nick Vayne. Or you should say what’s up qklas the gigs sometimes.

Fliptop – loonie vs aklas

Send a private message to cripplesunday1. Originally Posted by DonnyOni I’m gonna check that blkd battle now if ya’ll really feel strongly for him. Send a private message to aeroseth. Would’ve always wanted to battle on the english division but I’ve been going through life-shit the past few years. Unless of course you’re one of those fair weather fans. Humor if a very subjective thing and if you don’t like his, that doesn’t mean he sucks.

Find More Posts by Nick Vayne. And then you proceeded to argue that he sucked in this particular battle when you don’t have any real point of reference if you’ve never watched his battles.

I’ve been to the first tectonics and the event where batas battled jskeelz, have never been back since.


aklas vs loonie

Beaux Jangles bojangles snappin!!! I’ve seen you post on aklass a few times before and I must point out that you have biased views on a number of subjects that in turn mislead the foreigners that come across your posts.

Oshea on rare form vs VerseTracker does not own any of the sampled art or music used on this site and is loobie a venue to display and loonke said art and music. Verbal Warzone question – by Defcee. Aklas is one of the few that has battled in all major island cities, several other provinces, and is even booked and paid to battle in the amateur leagues out of Metro Manila, and he gets love everywhere.

Originally Posted by DonnyOni Well this is the only battle from him that I’ve watched and he was pretty terrible in this.