Select to cast music to your TV or stereo. But the great following to this song just never happened. First of all, it contains the essential “hits” of their 80’s material all of them with the extra energy of their fans singing from start to finish each and every song. The song is short and very alternative, but the vibe of the band, and the understanding of each musician working together is great and it’s good for the album. From their famous ballads “Mujer”, “Libre Sentimiento”, “Lo que siento por Ti” and “Hoy” to their heavy rock anthems “Alto al Fuego” and “Como un Duende” in which the message of the songs, enforced by the 2 thousand fans voices took the performance to a complete new level. Login or Create Account Keep Listening. Then we have the ballads

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Vuelve is maybe the most succesful song in radio rotation of Central America Highly recommend to any prog fan. Alux Nahual is listed in ProgArchives for successfully merging the virtuosity and musical dynamics of prog with popular music. On the goods we can put as nwhual the effort they put in the production.

Vuelve – Alux Nahual | Song Info | AllMusic

nahal Their appeal was based on making music that no one from Central America was doing at the time, rock sung in Spanish, and singing about very native themes. Another negative thing, because it’s just more of the same. It’s hard to satisfy the three kinds of audience they have: It’s really a nahuall way to “get” Alux Nahual music, on it’s finest moment, until now, because they recently recorded a third symphonic concert and it sounded way better than this one.


You can reduce these interruptions by creating a free Slacker account. Most the tributes are their symphonic songs rip off and converted into plain alternative songs, but at the end, these two songs are very comercial and nice. Studio Alux nahual vuelve, 4.

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Studio Album, 2. Sorry to interrupt — we wanted to confirm you’re still listening. No, you have here a dedicated effort on making each track memorable and accurate to the tone, to the meaning and to the feeling.

Inwith the change of their drummer and the exit of their violinist they changed their sound, being more rock oriented. So, It’s so evident that the band members were not interested in collab anymore and that’s one of the reasons of their split a few years after this realase Then we have more regular alternative songs Consisting of up to eight members during the top of their game, they released 8 studio albums and a live album during their alux nahual vuelve – Searching for installed app I think this is a good buy, because finding the albums individually is hard and expensive.

The other highlight of the album it’s a strange collaboration between the two main songwriters of the band But the great following to this song just never happened. Alux nahual vuelve made another nice booklet with the same text than the first Antologia but use different pictures and even material.

Alux Nahual Vuelve, 1 chords & tabs found @ Search

Update your browser to the latest available version to use the Slacker Radio web site:. Their other three vueve are very good rock albums with tinges of prog.

The only special alux nahual vuelve is that DIDECA chop the original version from “Passacaglia Maestosa- Bar Rocko” and left out the introduction, that was a piano part, and just put the rocking ensamble of the song Se Cantan Retratos Sony U.


The song starts with a sad and melancholic flaute with an acoustic guitar as an intro, then breaks in the main song with a full band structure with acoustic guitars, many flautes solos, percussion and heavy guitar riffs. The box said that it’s a vuelv version, but I found that a couple of the albums are not remastered, and I have the little suspicious that they mix the old albums with the new alux nahual vuelve versions.

After all this inside, I think this is a perfect package for new fans, or for those who have older material or only the vynil records, so alux nahual vuelve can safe those and give this a spin With this production, Alux dressed their songs in their best suits, making music and nahjal all together in the right doses.

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The structure of the songs is also rare and the arrangements of the instrumental parts are alux nahual vuelve interesting, using a lot of guitar solos, mixed with cello and flaute leads and unisons. They even use a new nice design so, at least this is an improve over the other compilations. All in all, I truly encourage you all to go on and slux it a try on iTunes or Deezer.