Unlike dictionaries, the words can be in any form. This page was last edited on 13 November , at The company has published a number of machine-readable dictionaries and encyclopedic dictionaries e. The meaning of the original text will not change in translating process. Forget the time consuming search of word translations in dictionaries. Do you wish to try Amebis Presis?

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A click on the text and use of the ‘Copy’ function is enough to translate. Amebis from Kamnik is a major company in Slovenia in the field of language technologies. You don’t prezis to be afraid to lose the real meaning amebis presis translation. They all use the same translation kernel, which is why they produce identical translations, and only differ in some functionalities and in the way they work.

Amebis Presis

It can be used as a dictionary by entering any word form the translator will find the word’s base form on its own. And translation is only one click away. Journal of Specialised Translation. The words with more possible translations are coloured differently, and alternative translations are suggested. There is often more possible translations for a specific word. Presis chooses the most appropriate one based amebus the meaning. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree amebis presis the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Meanwhile, amebis presis also unintentionally exposed your confidentiality and privacy. Most of the translators use the statistical method, while Presis generates its translations using sentence analysis. This Slovenia -related article is a stub. Presis Pro is designed for advanced users. How good will your translation be? Forget the time consuming search of word translations in dictionaries.

Visit the webpage presis.

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ASP 32 dictionariesand developed spell checkersgrammar checkershyphenators and lemmatizers for SloveneSerbian and Albanian languages. You don’t need to write the text. It will take into account case, tense, form and other word forms. There, you amebus the translation is not up to your standards. Retrieved from ” https: Amebis presis introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts. Select a link to learn more about the use of a particular interface. How does Amebis Presis work? Privacy and aembis are ensured. With speed, quality, privacy and confidentiality your self-confidence of amebis presis foreign languages will also grow.


Purchase Presis Amebis Presis. You will not find any faster way to translation anywhere else.

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The translator monitors all changes on the clipboard; in other words, a amebis presis is produced as soon as a word, sentence, or text is placed in the clipboard. Where do you usually look for help?

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