Doneyin – Various mp3 track Panos Psaltis – Angele Mou Karim Kasiel – Angolana Anjelina – Amangul Turkmen aydymy Donna – DONA

anselmo ralph o que tu queres de mim

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Panos Psaltis – Angele Mou When we reach at least 3 reports for a song we will activate to insert its translation into the site.

O Melhor de Anselmo Ralph (Album) – Anselmo Ralph | SoundBae

Dawn – Various mp3 track You to me you’re the only woman What I enjoy most, and with just a hug, to me, is disassembled! Anja Lehmann – Dein Name hat Kraft Song name Reports Do you want the translation? querea

anselmo ralph o que tu queres de mim

Damon – Dom no Because it is, in fact, I feel you nTu p’ra me, thou art the only woman in that whole To stay with annselmo for a second, I worried! Lou Bega – Angelina Annaxellamun – Es wird dunkel Our archive is totally free and at your disposal. I’m sitting here thinking about you I can not take it any more Everything in me complains about not having you here I made so many stupid mistakes I made you regret If you had known me But I’m in despair, let me give it back This man here.


Ameen Saleem – For My Baby Aaa Mangalam – H R Jothipala Mungo Jerry – Angel Mama Dani – Demo D Mon – Demonio Pavliashvili Soso – Angel New Creep On Me Gashi.

Annie Haslam – Ananda Tommy Emmanuel – Angelina Fryd Anne Grete Preus. Mais acessadas de Anselmo Ralph.

Until today you have improved. With your help, and that of the other visitors, we can make this site a reference for the translations of songs.

anselmo ralph o que tu queres de mim

Demeo – demo Anselmo Ralph-O que tu queres de mim. I would like this translation. Anjelina – Amangul Turkmen aydymy Bonga – angola mona mona Anshelm – Qje Bitter Harvest He is all yours to come and get That he is all yours, come and get I’ll wait for your coat Because without you i do not work He is all yours to come and get That he is all yours, come and get This man here is worth zero without you.


Angelom – s nebes k tebe soydu i bedu lyubuyu otvedu legkoy ten yu kryl ev fe ni otdam tebya ya ni k Bez nazvaniya muzbaron com Angelina – Danke Sagen Lyrics It’s all your baby Come get it come get it That he is all yours From feet to head, all your He is all yours Forgive only, forgive only.

anselmo ralph o que tu queres de mim