These results can then be used to correct the measured capacity to the guaranteed conditions. Utilization of waterside flowmetering avoids damage problems from pre-operational steam blows. All parties shall have reasonable opportunity to examine the HRSG. The procedures detailed in this Code represent current industry and good engineering practice for the determination of HRSG performance. This may require operation in manual mode or venting to the atmosphere if the host is unable to satisfy stability or quantity criteria. Valves Flanged, Threaded and Welding End.

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A theoretical system envelope around the HRSG is defined such as those in subsection All instruments should be loop checked. Gray Iron Threaded Fittings: Calculate the saturated humidity ratio from the atmospheric pressure and vapor pressure by phc following equation: Thermocouple lead wires shall be placed in a nonparallel position relative to electrical sources to avoid possible electrical interference.

It is generally considered more accurate to 61. water flow than steam flow and, therefore, the feedwater flow stream is measured. The only unknown is the balance of airflow, which can be solved directly. Extractions or additions of flow can also have a significant impact. Should no reason become obvious the uncertainty band s may be increased. Data storage, document retention, and test report distribution shall be established prior to the test.

Operational procedures requiring attemperation spray, desuperheating flow and fuel heating need to be considered in the design asme ptc 6.1 the asme ptc 6.1 system. The calculations for this method are in Mandatory Appendix I. The system should be able to collect data and store data and results within 2 min.


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An example case is a constant enthalpy process where pressure and temperature in a steam line at one point can verify the pressure and temperature of another location in the line by comparing enthalpies. For measuring the temperature of desuperheated steam, the thermowell location relative to the desuperheating spray injection must be carefully chosen.

However, the effect of these actions must be demonstrated to have a small effect less than 0. If this is the case, the fuel gas molar flow can be determined by asme ptc 6.1 following equation: The gas constituent mass fractions can then be calculated.

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As a result of the preliminary run, agreements to any test modifications should be made before conducting the test. The output of the instrument then may be adjusted to the standard reading. Requests for Cases should also indicate the applicable edition s of the Code to which the proposed Case applies. When asje a pretest uncertainty calculation, the design values can be asme ptc 6.1 in place of the measured test results, which are not available. Due to the complex nature of modern, multi-pressure level HRSGs, this Code recommends the use of computer programs for the determination of as tested performance and for correction to reference conditions.

Interpretations can only be rendered in response to asje written request sent to the Secretary of the PTC Standards Committee. A thermowell is a pressure- tight device that protrudes from the pipe or vessel wall into the fluid.


THERMAL POWER PLANT A-Z: Procedures for Routine Performance Tests of Steam Turbines

D Pipe diameter in. This application locates the damper in the gas turbine exhaust duct where the damper is subjected to high exhaust gas temperatures and high mass flow rates. Gear Shaper Cutters B The following items may also influence temperature measurements: Pyros, Siemens Power Generation, Inc. Specific gravities for No. The most current version of these standards should be used.

Generally, sampling more points can reduce temperature uncertainty. The air for combustion stream includes any changes asme ptc 6.1 fuel combustion and steam or water injection. The composition is a function of the gas and duct burner streams plus the changes due to the combustion of the duct burner fuel. The steam flow or temperature corrections for each performance parameter would be the product of the reference flow or temperature and all the other corrections in the case of percentages.

The asme ptc 6.1 of air inlet constituent molar flow is determined by dividing the flow by the air molecular weight determined in para.