If they do not know how to make a limited-time trial, they do not know much about computer programming. Each material can be individually saved as a preset and applied to the front, back, bevel, or extrusion surface of the text object. Larry Reavis March 17th, , Tutorial, Video Tutorial Kevin P. I already get enough spam, I do not need any from someone whose software I may evaluate. I mean the official tutorials on Sony Creative Software web site. I can only try to help those who want to be helped.

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As do those of Digital Juice, etc. There is so much great stuff that fext in BCC that I can live with some FX nuking Vegas until the next release which hopefully fixes some of it – I keep sending those crashreports. Again – thanks so much for your kind assistance.

Almost any graphics card released during the past three years will provide the features necessary to run OpenGL-accelerated Boris Continuum Complete filters. Its just too clunky, everything takes a few moments to think about it, controls are not very precise, it feels to me like i’m trying to craft a tea pot with a 20 ton excavator.

Boris FX Continuum Complete 7 for Sony Vegas 10 BCCVEGASE B&H

The text object can be further deformed and animated with a number of innovative deformers such as Bend, Taper, Twist, Shatter, Ripple, Pulse, or Curl The BCC Type-On Text filter can animate 3D extruded text in true 3D space in a type-on or type-off fashion, with each letter precisely interacting with the rest of the text in 3D This filter uses state-of-the-art OpenGL technology to generate and extrude built-in primitives such as a medallion or a heart.


Again – thanks so much for your kind assistance Ian Stark Bcc extruded text in sony vegas pro 10 16th, Boris FX Boris FX came to NAB with new versions, each of which expanded the capabilities of the company’s toolset of visual effects, compositing, titling, and workflow tools: Write a review yrccubqqabvzdbtdxdxrzrcc.

Many thanks for sharing that information – look forward to 10d! Larry Reavis March 17th, The plug-ins are OFX and they definitely support both bit and bit Vegas.

Join Walter for some of the details on why you need this amazing package yourself.

All of those training videos were done in one take but some of them did involve crashes in which case I started over from scratch. Boris has gone a long way to ensure that their web site contains tutorials and videos on how to use their products.

Maybe I should try to get the liquid cooler installed and crank up the cpu-speed, my previous attempts at overclocking resulted in a very instable system. Probably the key would have been even better if I would have done a bit of homework – I didn’t even know what a lot of the BCC7 settings were for. For example, you can attach a light to a moving object in one easy step. One of your tutorials well, two is about motion tracking. Perhaps this is an Opera and IE problem?

Those tutorials were definitely not on YT.

BCC Extruded Text in Sony Vegas Pro 10

This product is intended for academic use and you must provide credentials from your educational institution in order to purchase it. Affordable and easy to use, this review finds the app an indispensable tool. Ian Stark February 14th, I’m running Vegas I always say it how I see it. Boris FX Complete 7 overview. Don’t get me wrong, I could not care less. Funnily enough we share an almost identical spec and, like you, I keep mine pretty clean.


It boasts of a mind-blowing archive of more than plug-in VFX filters in 16 categories ; an extraordinary video noise reduction tool; an eye-popping, spline-based warp filter; and a plethora of still- and video-morph technology. A free trial license key?

First thing I did was to drag a random Boris Continuum effect and drop it as a video track FX, something which nuked Vegas 10c consistently. Do get sonyy crashes here and there but it seems better now with the latest versions of BCC and Vegas. Then scroll down a bit and click on the “2c.

I have tried to watch several of those tutorials. Create 3D extruded objects fully-modeled with bevels and spline-based extrusion profiles Extrhded Layer Deformer generates 3D shapes such as planes, cubes, spheres, and cylinders and deforms them using built-in vertex and pixel shaders.