The process is fairly straight forward. I have downloaded the packages you said and also ndiswrapper 1. WNA Support When I type in ndiswrapper -l it’ll show that the device is in fact present, but iwconfig says the exact opposite. I copied the driver files to my desktop. Installing the kernel will place another choice in the boot menu for that kernel.

bcmwlhigh5 inf

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Is there a way I can do it step by step. Rosewill thor case fx gigabyte fxa-ud3 gtx ti have to use nouveau.

I got from my windows xp, bcmwlhigh5. Thanks for your time with helping me! I try to use windows driver with ndiswrapper to make the adapter work with CentOS 6. WNA Support Note to searchers: Do you have any way to plug in an ethernet cable and get connected long enough to access our repository and install kernel 2. Should be fun as I bcmwlhiigh5 tried Internet sharing in XP or pclos. Got the adapter driver from my Windows XP installation. Something was not right.


So I entered the command: Try one, then if it doesn’t work, try the other.

bcmwlhigh5 inf

However, I still cannot connect, but I am very glad I have your technical expertise. Bcmdlhigh5, it would be nicer should somebody tell me how to configure the system to make the wireless adapter initiated automaticaaly without manual execution of the ifconfig command after the system is up.

bcmwlhigh5 inf

WNA Support What does this tell us? If you can, then do so, then reboot. March 25th, 4.

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I did run cmd. Linux Wireless Networking” http: I haven’t any real experience with cmd. I will install them with Ndiswrapper.

However, when I rebooted the system, the wlan0 device was not activated automatically. I did find an older iso and installed that and got my usb seen but couldn’t get on the Internet.

Supported Drivers – DriversGuru

Wish this newbie luck! Wait without Internet os won’t know what it needs? When I type in lsusb the WNA shows up. Then after clicking OK drakconnect Unable to find interface for selected device using ndiswrapper driver.


I did find a matching bcmwlhigg5 of the ndiswrapper by search specificly for Centos 6. March 25th, 3. I also have a copy of the I saw no installation error. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Please login or register. Then I followed the guide up until ndiswrapper -l. WNA Support When I type in ndiswrapper -l it’ll show that the device is in fact present, but iwconfig says the exact opposite.