I though it’s Post Count Whore? Bian Tai Shu Shu chinese Means perverted uncle. Refers to the Singapore Mass Media. The film ends with the voice over introducing the new range of does, as she leaves letting him know how she feels. Someone then replied, “Very nice, going to sit on sofa and PCC”.

behkan lagi main

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Most of the men are interested in knowing the name of the female model and one has even asked her to act police with him and he has even shared his address in the comments section. During the general election, PAP won with a Today, with everyone coming together to attain gender equality and respect among all the genders along with people dedicated to this cause fighting 7 assertive or aggressive manliness – https: One Night Stand Orleng Tao: Emotional En Pee En Tee: Usually means to lock a thread.

behkan lagi main

Mispronunciation of a hokkien word. According to these advertisements, there is always a direct relationship to the effectiveness of the product and the dress of the female model. Means dead or is in serious trouble. This act is called digging a thread and is not encouraged. Behkaj to tell someone to do things boldly. Clone see Crone Kthxbye: With the help of factor analysis method, the researchers came to the conclusion that the way women are depicted in ads shows the prevalent social structure of our society.


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Use when someone posts a large chunk of text few hundred words or moreespecially when without paragraphing. MSN be used instead. A Jamaican sign off. Usually for dubious purposes.

behkan lagi main

Information on levels of both genders has been provided here for further researches, but, since this study focuses only on the depiction of women in ads, only the levels concerning women were used: Slow reverse spelling WOT: Ah Bu Neh Neh. Ku Ku Jiao hokkien Male reproductive organ. Add the letter “S” in front of words that start with “ex”.

Thread Chauvinist Pig Techno Cheesepie: It may also be used at the end of a close game or match lag a sign of good sportsmanship, signaling that it was a good competition. Use in a thread that does not seem to make any sense.

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Refers to the critical system error seen in Microsoft Windows. A possibly racist term that refers to an Indian person. To explore how females have been depicted in those advertisements 3. Thanks In Advance Tia Gong: This has been accompanied by data from secondary sources such as research papers, articles, etc.


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There’s no country in the world that begins with O To quote someone’s post so behkab if it is edited, an original copy is saved. They are just used to catch the attention of the male audience. Same usage as “Tionged”. Advertisers are again resorting to an age-old depiction of women as an animal to be tamed; as they know that their target audiences are familiar with such images of women and shall help them relate to the context of the ad without any problem.

Remember me on this computer. Here are pictures from the night.