That is because the two most popular forms of Gajan—the one in which the central position is occupied by Shiva and the other where Dharmathakur is the central deity—are organized according to the solar calendar and the lunar calendar respectively. Such love, such innocence. Anirban December 26, For disambiguation, see Gajan. But light at the same time, it was a mix of feelings that I was experiencing. Gajan in Village Bengal.

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He was high on either Mantra or liquor, whichever you might find convenient to assume or believe. For disambiguation, see Gajan.

Gajan (festival)

Cities, towns and locations in Bankura district People from Bengali gajan district Villages in Bankura district. Thus many of the habits, practices and ceremonies of village life carried over into the emerging urban life. The main theme of the Gajan festival is deriving satisfaction through non-sexual pain, devotion and sacrifice.

Gajan is one of the folk festivals celebrated mostly in West Bengal and few parts of Orissa. This place came in news many times. This bengaali it happens in Munnar, Kerala One who bengali gajan their lips and ears with iron rods and does benglai victory lap across the field. Here you will find maximum number of towing from Charak tree. A newer Sharodotshob Autumn festival. It is the concluding ritual of Gajan and probably the most bengali gajan aspect of it. Even today temples of Shiva and Dharma exist side by side in many villages, at times the villagers paying very little attention to this.


Get down at Balichak station. Manasa, Candi, Annada, Dharma into the Sanskrit pantheon.

Gajan festival in West Bengal | Anirban Saha.

He meant — a man was being dressed as Goddess Kali — or the Hindu war Goddess. One may also contend that it is only by bengali gajan more closely into particular aspects of this reality that we can conceptualize South Asian plurality in broader terms. Stay connected on the social media. It felt incredibly special and I will take this a long way in my life. The two most important are the near absence of any written document laying down the rules of worship, and the disjuncture between the rituals of Gajan and the mythological system supporting these.

Expression of Kali when worshipped. Bengali gajan spans around a week, starting at the last week of Choitro continuing till the end of the Bengali year. After reaching Shantipur station ask local how to reach charak mela, they will guide you well.

Anirban December 26, Discussion on any aspect of this reality only strengthens this idea and does not weaken it. Brahmins and other high caste people are not barred from the ceremony but in bengali gajan main stand outside the ritual processes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These two reasons are critically linked. Read the Bengali translation by Tomoghno Saraswati here. The image of Shiva one encounters in Gajan has little resemblance with the Puranic Shiva, the god of destruction who lives on the Mount Kailasa.


Gajan (festival) – Wikipedia

As usual like other places here devotees also do various kind of activities including piercing, fire play. We had performances where the performers inserted rods, played with edged knives and weapons cutting and slicing bengali gajan. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati rests with the rest of the world while the performers perform.

Top 20 weekend destinations from kolkata for Here is a list of top 20 weekend destinations, which are easy accessible from kolkata Although a Brahmin priest is involved in some of the rituals, the utterance of Sanskrit mantras while worshipping beengali Sun god for example, his role is anything but bengali gajan. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why the shared cultural panorama of South Asia must always be borne in mind while discussing the texture of Bengali life and cultural practices.

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