Don’t Rush Tribune Ransomware Attribution. May 19, at 6: Become A Premium Member. The spreader tools generally worked by using computers that had already been infected to help spread the RAT further to other computers. May 21, at 5:

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BlackShades Arrests: A Watershed Event? – BankInfoSecurity

Among those arrested in the CarderProfit sting was Michael Hoguethe alleged blackshades fusion of Blackshades.

Already have an ISMG account? Most Devs and gamers started abandoning the PC after And some of those groups waged well-organized attacks that transferred large sums of money using BlackShades-infected computers. It is likely that the majority of people who are visiting these sites and downloading these programs are going to be using them for negative things because there are not many positive things that can be done with them.

FBI Blackshades Remote Access Tool Private Sector Bulletins and Domain List | Public Intelligence

That being said, it is a good thing that police are taking initiative and trying to stop these things blackshades fusion happening instead of sitting around and waiting for something to happen because at that point it is too late.

Ferrara also says the arrests apparently targeted “soldiers” and not “generals. Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use blackshadees website. Unrelated but just a blackshades fusion that even small forums can have multiple people blackshadex the same name.


Nobody held a gun to their head when they signed the NPT. But others question whether even a sizable crackdown can have much of a long-term impact on the proliferation of malware. No matter if the person actually used the trojan for something ilicite or not.

Fusiin am curious how this will play out in the couple of weeks. As for your electronics, expect them to be back after the court battles have been finished, which may be many, many years. But it took a post by RSA for them to know it? Wilson says that while BlackShades has a reputation for blackshqdes useful to unskilled hackers, law enforcement and security professionals cannot overlook the malware’s capability for serious spying and cybercrime.

The other B Giles.

Spiegel reported that only possesing a copy of Blackshades was reason enough to get a visit from the police. I know how those stupid kids feel, I got raided by the United States Secret Service about four years ago.

BlackShades Arrests: A Watershed Event?

BlackshadesBlackshades arrestBlackshades bustblackshades. Hackers using Blackshades can blackshadss access to the victim’s computer and demand a ransom paid to the hacker in order for the restriction to be lifted. Are all gun owners also murders and robbers that should be prosecuted? Still getting over the fact most other tech media reports skid news as realistic danger like Anonymous posting their so-called EP, which is NOT an EP, blackshades fusion a few months.


Retrieved December 31, There was a mass banwave and the kid who whistleblowed on them had blackhades mobo bricked…. Were you thinking of MSE? blackshades fusion


Archived from the original PDF on December 26, In an exclusive presentation, Ross, lead author of NIST Special Publication – the bible of risk assessment and management – will share his unique insights on how to: As a result of the arrests and the site takedown, Symantec expects a significant decrease in BlackShades activity.

A faith I certainly do not share. Most were coming home from school. Of course, other evidence would also be gathered, such as behaviour showing intentions or associations of those alleged to have conspired blackshades fusion commit a crime. Once law enforcement knows that you are above average in knowledge with regards to internet networkingthen you will be immediately targeted no matter if you blackshades fusion guilty of not.

Basically pc blackshades fusion communities are synonymous with hacker communities now. Low-level dealers get busted but the kingpins and cartel ‘market makers’ remain free.

Please remember that in the future, FBI.