I can’t be too sad about that, Urban was as a singer much better than the mediocre band Bloodbound was deserving. Which brings me to the second problem: When it comes to building up, it has much in common with ‘Behind The Moon’ and the bass intro with Urban’s low vocals sounds really good. The vocal lines to closing track ‘On The Battlefield’ are stellar and the guitar work is decent, but I kind of have the feeling the band has been trying to copy ‘Nosferatu’ with this one. Bands which pioneered and developed melodic death metal were from Sweden, and they were more successful than classic heavy metal and power metal bands thanks to use of growls. Another lowpoint for the album: Urban Breed shows his inhuman vocal abilities in each song, but in the song For The King it’s something completely different.

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The album was set for release on 26 April It starts with really fast intro part, done much different that other fast songs from this album. Desdemonamelia is the most weird song from this album, manly because of progressive metal structure. I don’t have a problem with songs sounding happy, if they actually are.

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And by the way Write your own review. New bands soon appeared: To describe Nosferatu in a nutshell, it is something of an amalgamation of the catchy, galloping traditionalism of Iron Maiden with the faster and epic-tinged mode of Swedish power metal offered up by Hammerfall and Dream Evil as they each gloodbound from Manowar, Judas Priest and Helloween.


Definately pick this up if you get a chance! Lyrics are dark-theme oriented, I don’t know should bloodbound nosferatu take them seriously or not, but this stuff is amazing. Coincidentally enough, this is one of the few songs played in a minor key.

The source of that song’s power are ground-shaking drums, and nicely placed riffs, with addition of bloodbound nosferatu vocals.

Bloodbound – Nosferatu – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Power metalheavy metal. The melody lines, the gallopping rhythms, the struture, the climax From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He has absolutely amazing vocal range, and control of his voice. That is the ultimate example of his sky-high, soaring vocals with huge amount of power.

He is not the only great band member. Unsourced material may b,oodbound challenged and removed. There were bands here and there like Candlemass etc. The worst tracks for me are probably ‘Fallen From Grace’ and ‘Crucified’. Urban was the best thing that happened to Tad Morose, his powerhouse vocals made ‘Undead’ and ‘Modus Vivendi’ a strong pleasure to listen to, lifting the music of Tad Morose, which was quite good already, to a much higher level.

Musical groups established in Swedish power metal musical groups. Complete throw-away tracks that make the album unbearable.

Retrieved on 10 March This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Urban Breed shows his inhuman vocal abilities in each song, but in the song For The King it’s something completely different. Only a small number of songs deviate from the formula laid out by the first track or two In fact, it’s not all that bad: Urban Breed’s vocal assault is smooth and seemingly effortless, ending up in similar territory to that bloodbound nosferatu Andre Matos and Bloodbound nosferatu Basse without the somewhat forced mosferatu and excessive air-raid high notes.


Bloodbound – Wikipedia

It has been widely stipulated that most of the truly consequential power metal revivalist bands had already made a mark bloodbound nosferatu the studio bywith the likes of Masterplan, Dragonforce and a few others from around said time period providing the future direction of the style. Nosfreatu differs primarily from the 2 fellow Swedish crusaders in question in that the lead guitar work is a good bit fancier, often times showing up even the shred happy character of Nocturnal Rites’ Nils Norberg and rivaling Malmsteen himself, and also in that it sticks a bit more closely to the up tempo but not quite speed metal character of Bloodbound nosferatu Maiden’s era and employing a more repetitious melodic approach bloodboind via the guitars and vocals.

They released their first album, Nosferatu, in and their second, Book of the Dead, in May I remember hearing “Behind the Moon” for nksferatu first time and being absolutely blown away.