Go ahead and close, or I’ll delete? For a more detailed guide, that explains purpose of all those settings, check my Dynamic Paint Guide. In the only available Bsurfaces panel, hit ‘Add Surface’ The surface is created. It seems that all those people managed to use this addon, unfortunately for me when i activate it and try to “Bsurfaces add surface” only available in the spacebar search menu for example on a bezier circle duplicated 3 times like on the video, i always get something like “traceback most recent call last: Here I am mostly trying to see how Bsurfaces operates to see if I can leverage it for other stuff – basically evaluating the tool to see if it is reliable, fast, and so on in other words: What links here Related changes Permanent link.

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Now that the author has earned the amount of money he wanted to earn from it, he released it. UnconventionalT on May 1, Is there a forum good for that? Chaos on May 2, Reminds me I still have to attach the plugin to the fresh 2. Michael on May 1, It is still under development, and currently supports basic operations for 2D motion tracking, 3D motion tracking, and camera solution.

Brian on May 1, bsurfaces 1.5 Could someone tell me what I did wrong during the following attempt? Wat on May 2, He could have played something bsurfaces 1.5 Lady Gaga and made it sound beautiful.


It can be downloaded and there is a quick help guide describing the different features bsurfaces 1.5 www. Additional thanks to Class Kuhnen for allowing the reuse of his images. I understand that there are a few conditions to meet when using the tool like the need for the GP layer to be set bsurfaces 1.5 Object, and the requirement to be in Edit mode but maybe I am missing something obvious.

It looks like you’re using an ad blocker! Free Blender 3D Tutorials: CGEffex on May 1, But seriously, this is so shockingly good. There bsurfaces 1.5 so great and generous persons out there!

It’s coincidence that this happens shortly after the first Bmesh release of Blender.

mesh – Bsurfaces – can’t set ‘cross’ or ‘follow’ – Blender Stack Exchange

Donnervogel on May 2, Motreliez on May 2, bsurfaces 1.5 These are the moments I retrieve my hope in the human kind and blender community as its own does deliver a big bsurfsces to make the world bsutfaces, thus thank you very much for this great commitment!

Here is a very simple scenario bringing up an error and not generating anything: That said thanks for the tip, edit mode was definitely the solution to that one issue. The different options can be modified interactively, allowing the artist bsurfaces 1.5 see how they affect the resulting surfaces in real-time.


I am bumping this up again because for some reason I am running into this BSurface error issue once more… even though I was just using it successfully bsurfaces 1.5 a previous session. However, this fund was not around when the full version of Bsurfaces was developed.

But here it seems like I am missing some sort of initial prepping step that I believe should not be necessary since all the input data is here already …. Active retopoand HiRez you draw strokes on top. For one project he needed to quickly rebuild bsurfaces 1.5 texture a Blackhawk helicopter. What is the connection between bMesh and bSurfaces PhysicsGuy on May 1, You can also subscribe without commenting.

I have just watche the beginning of the video, but this tool looks really bsurfaces 1.5 But what happens when you divide an edge and get a hidden face?

I really need the income to keep this site running.