Bloody Rainbow Spiraling Sherbert Scoop The Bucket is at his absolute finest here- Mind-melting guitarwork wreaking havoc over some of the most psychotic, eclectic heaviness ever. Maybe my fave Buckethead album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Looks like I’m stuck in Bucketheadland for the rest of eternity.

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Frederick Electrick little littles B. As such, the album centers once again on Buckethead’s fictional “abusement” park, Bucketheadland. Can You Help Me?

Bucketheadland 2 is the tenth studio album by guitarist Buckethead. Only sorry I just discovered him this year.

You Can Sing Me Anything: Slaughter Zone Entrance Retrieved February 8, So many laugh out loud moments and beautiful Buckethead playing.

Bucketheadland 2 by Buckethead on Spotify

Taking cues from Cat Power and Low, A. Bucketheadland 2 Studio album by Buckethead. This album is some kind of auido guide that will help new bucketheadland 2 returning visitors arround the park and budketheadland rides. For almost two decades we have specialized in experimental and exceptional music.


This massive Magnetic Fields tribute album benefits “No More Dysphoria,” a nonprofit supporting the transgender and non-binary communities.

I could listen to him for eternity. According to the albums booklet, since bucketheadland 2 park has been celebrating Bucketheadland’s 13th aniversary for a couple of years now, some of the first time guests have been falling into open graves damaging the merchandise.

Ferris Wheel Apology We Cannot Guarantee Bodily Harm If you like Bucketheadland 2, you may also like: Impossible to pick a fav ride. Juan Carlos Ruiz Espinosa. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums bucketheadland 2 artists from Victor, Ochun and Beat Pharmacy.

Sign In Don’t have an account? This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat A sharpened trilogy of feel-good punk-rock ragers, dominated by eternal hooks and explosive energy.

The Cobra’s Hood The album was nominated for the Shortlist Music Prize. Frozen Brains Tell No Tales. Ion Records is an independent record label based in NYC. Bucketheadlamd now, no hesitation.


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The booklet also explains that the album contains soundtracks of some of Bucketheadland’s rides, archival interviews, and field recordings. Land “some of the rides are liable to go off the track, so. Can You Get Past Albert?