Anyway, a fabulous novel, one of his best. I don’t know any other writer who could ridicule his especially male character the way Nabokov does it. In a whole mess of betrayals, Nabokov almost seems to be trying to one-up himself on who can be awarded the blue ribbon for all-around shittiest human. Hyde to Laughter in the Dark , in his Vladimir Nabokov: The Author hereby grants to the Publishers the sole and exclusive book and publishing rights in the English language in the United States of America and in the Dominion of Canada, in and to the novel entitled Camera Obscura. His prolonged affair with Margot is eventually revealed to Albinus’s wife Elisabeth when Margot deliberately sends a letter to the Albinuses’ residence and Albert is unable to intercept it before it is discovered.

camera obscura nabokov

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This book is called Laughter in the Dark but when I finished it, I just wanted to cry in the dark. Anyway, a fabulous novel, one of his best. Does he love his wife, he does, he thinks, and yet there are things he dislikes, just as there are things he seeks in another.

A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier. Translated from the Russian by the author. So, whom do you feel sorry for? Nov 24, Rob rated it really liked it.

camera obscura nabokov

And, after that, I feel sad. The ending of the book is really good, too.

Laughter in the Dark

This was first translated to English inbut Nabokov is said to have disliked that translation so much that he decided to translate it himself again two years later. Briefly put, most readers have come to know a single text, upon which they confer the characteristics of the other, whose shadow continues to hover.


For any other obscuga, this book could be seen camers a very trashy read, but this is Nabokov we are talking about.

camera obscura nabokov

Glossary Some terminology that may be used in this description includes: Where Humbert is a calculated predator, Albert Albinus, this story’s older man, is a fumbling and naive fool.

Even the most taboo and commonly avoided subjects and characters can be turned into things and people you feel sorry for, under his expert penmanship. Dec 20, Richard rated it really liked it.

To ask other readers questions about Laughter in the Darkplease sign up. Conversely, the ideal Nabokovian reader is the creative reader who comprehends the text’s mutations. If the good reader is a rereader, the ideal reader can be none other than the author himself.

And If there’s one thing that strikes me about Nabokov, it’s the impression I get that his mind was never too far away from lust and desire, whether that be writing, having a stiff drink or going to fetch obsvura morning paper.

Laughter in the Dark (novel) – Wikipedia

The foam toppled over, ran, slowed down, then receded, leaving a smooth mirror on the wet sand, which the next wave flooded again. She is an element of the street, one who has gotten accustomed to using her body to get what she wants. She is in control from the very beginning, manipulating him every step of the way to get what she wants while slowly dismantling his life. The Original of Laura. He can’t shake the thought of her from his mind and returns, eventually seducing her, and takes her as his mistress.


In Chambre obscurefor example, the characters’ names are not those of Camera Obscurabut of Laughter in the Dark. There are even film scenes described in detail and some discussions about the difficulties of moving from the silent nabpkov to talkies, all of which made me think that Nabokov must have had some interest in writing screen plays at navokov point in his career.

He has stolen beautiful young things from Albinus his whole life, and this is no different. Translation always held a predominant place in Nabokov’s literary output, and he valued it highly.

The characters were given different names in the English translation. Sirin” so as to be distinguishable from the deceased. Albinus gets Margot her first role as an actress, but she does not appear to be very talented.

After sending a letter falsely stating that Rex has gone to America, they rent a chalet in Switzerland where Rex poses as Albinus’s doctor, although Albinus is unaware of Rex’s presence. Kretschmar confronts her at gunpoint, but dies in the struggle. What makes Biblio different?