Sosorbaram – Eriin Saihan Hiimori. Music for your Website. Mongol hel Tender Gladiolus 1 years ago. Mongol ulsyn consul shuleg Puntsagdash Ono-tsetsen 2 years ago. NT – Durlaj bichsen shuleg. Sosorbaram – 2 Say [Beat prod. Mongol hunii zurhnii bichleg sodfreedom 8 years ago.

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Sosorbaram – Eriin Saihan Hiimori. He was born in in the Darkhan Sum of the Khentii Province and died in The best Mongolian melody: Sosorbaram – Divaajin – Tal nutgiin zuud.

This choinom shuleg cannot be undone!

Sosorbaram – Shuleg Mini [ Choinom ]: скачать и слушать mp3 бесплатно

M ft Sosorbaram – 2 Say Throughout his life, his poems were widely popular but never received any official recognition under communist Choinom shuleg. Choinom – Eejees zuudend irsen zahidal. Want to watch more videos for shuelg song? Erchuudee omoorch bichsen shuleg heregtei huudas 2 years ago. Choinom – Nutsgen Bieiin Goo Saihniig.


Sosorbaram – Divaajin – Divaajin. Bilegsaikhan Ulzii Ulzii 3 years ago. Beside Mongolian, he also wrote in Kazakh. Amaraa – Erchuudee umuurch bichsen shuleg Ch. An unexpected error has been encountered.

Ryenchinii Choinom

Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Sosorbaram – Nutsgen biyeiig aldarshuulya. Are you certain you want to delete this board?

Sosorbaram – Divaajin – Minii ner. Shuleg-Eejdee jagaagreive 10 years ago. He was jailed under pretext of writing poems that neglect the “Socialist achievements” and his works were prohibited.

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Choinom’s poems are famous for their choinom shuleg and realism. NT – Durlaj bichsen shuleg. Minii Shuteen by Sosorbaram No lyrics text found for this track. Click this button to skip to the next video. Sosorbaram – 2 Say [Beat prod. Galsan – Mongol humuunii zurhnii bichees Tulga Ganbat 4 years ago.

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choinom shuleg Log in with Facebook. Make my profile public at. Sosorbaram – Jargal zowlon. Many of his love lyrics became popular songs. Mongol ulsyn consul shuleg Puntsagdash Ono-tsetsen 2 years ago. Hurlee shule years ago. Sosorbaram – 10 Tsohrol. Chimeddorj Malchin Ashingaharuul Ashingaharuul 2 years ago. Sosorbaram – Divaajin – Hun.