Thanks for all the hard work: All the others are from Ecuator. Yes, they are moshing. Not all tunes are “strictly” Rebajada, but all tunes are kinda reflecting the slow and psychedelic side of Cumbia! Fader sent us to Argentina for a week — during this time he lost his only jacket, almost broke a rib, was unsuccessfully mugged thank you, taxi driver!

choppaholix cumbia

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choppaholix cumbia

Anonymous March 5, at 6: You also need to have JavaScript enabled chpppaholix your browser. Tracklist legible in the album artwork scan below. Grupo Ginnsu — Cumbia de los Patos. All the others are from Ecuator.

Which apparently may have also duplicated other psychedelic effects the listeners were experiencing likewise. Y gozaremos la cumbia.

choppaholix cumbia

June 6th, Glasslands, Brooklyn. Cumbia Rebajada – A weird, yet wonderful sound. How awesome is Gabriele?

Choppaholix – Chopp A Cumbia 2 listen to all release completely in mp3, download release album mp3

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Y bailaremos la cumbia. Amandititita — Viernes de Quincena. Thanks for all the hard work: Posted by DubMe at 4: I snagged a few copies for the curious….


Aurathef – another version of this story tells that boomboxes at Monterrey block parties would slowly run out of batteries – leaving people to cumbiq to sloooooooowed down Cumbia songs – an effect which was very much enjoyed and then replicated by slowing the pitch down on purpose in order to create a psychedelic effect.

Which are about love, lust, human ownership, loss, choppahloix memory — slavery music!

Choppaholix Cumbia Jay Z chopped and screwed by user | | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Japan possess an intense tradition of blind street musicians playing strings which Ove-Naxx introduced me to. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Download the latest version here. Yes, they are moshing. Anonymous April 14, at Will try to re-up MIT during the next few days as well Just some of many favourites!

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Fresh DL’s for both Christmas compilations are hidden in the comments Con este esperado mixtape vampiros propone mezclar barrios y contextos latinoamericanos muy similares pero desconocidos entre si, barrios entre los que los gigas de data suelen viajar mas en buses que por el p2p. It was an honor to roll with someone so dedicated. This version is by Afrsound thanks Sonido. Fans of cumbia and other tropical sounds should come to the Bersa Discos party in San Francisco tomorrow sat.


choppaholix cumbia

Venegas knows not to argue with the wind. Afrosound — Ponchito de Colores.

choppastyle(cumbia remix)

Not all tunes are “strictly” Rebajada, but all tunes are kinda reflecting the slow and psychedelic side of Cumbia! Grupo La Cumbia — Le Negrita. Cumbia Slow – Cumbia Rebajada.

The chorus, a self-fulfilling sentence echoed in the first song as well, poses between statement and command: Dub Me October 23, at 9: