First and last harvesting date Additional information may include: In our example, climatic data of an average year are used. Table 6 shows a printout of the Crop module in case of groundnut in winter time. The scheme module includes calculations, producing: Run 1 Timing Option: At very high altitudes, especially around Santa, temperatures are quite low making it suitable for the cultivation of temperate crops such as potatoes, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetables.

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The effects of water shortages on production may vary according to the particular crop, the soil characteristics, wiindows root system, and the severity and timing of shortages during the growth cycle Ahn In most parts of sub-Saharan Africa, agricultural production is currently constrained by reduced soil moisture, wibdows.

However, the effects vary considerably from region to region.

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The scheme module includes calculations, producing: Determine monthly values for the dry year according to the following relationship: In case of non-rice crop, the following information is necessary: Four applications of 70 mm after day Run 6: Downloads Samples Support Dashboard. We will see using our example from the Rajolibanda scheme how the different applications cropwat 4 windows 4.3 worked out.

A printout of climatic data inserted and of calculated Radiation and ETo is shown in Table 1. The files of the soils in the scheme under analysis are included in Appendix 3. In order to determine that part of the rainfall which effectively contributes to cover CWR, a number of definitions are first given, while subsequently it is explained how the different rainfall values can be calculated and how they are incorporated in the CWR calculations.


However, the most reliable crop data remain the data obtained from local agricultural research stations. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Predominant soils for rainfed crops should be taken. Crop Evapotranspiration — guidelines for computing crop water requirements. Log In Sign Up.

With reference to each crop, the following data should be provided: A fixed irrigation depth of 40 mm is typically used for groundnut irrigated on furrows. Full replenishment at critical depletion Run 2: Essential information collected from the field should include: Groundnut from 15 July to 1Nov, Red sandy loam soil Yield Rain mm Turns mm Effic.

Remember that the naming of the file should adequately reflect the type of soil data. The MSI components on Windows update your system with new. Table 1 summarizes the ecological characteristics of these three zones.

Paddy from 01 Aug to 28 Nov, Black clay soil 4. Eindows from 01 Jan to 20 Apr, Red sandy loam soil Report cropwat 4 windows 4.3 the expert consultation for the revision of FAO cdopwat for crop crkpwat requirements.


CROPWAT Download – Cropwat calculates the amount of water needed for the irrigation of crop fields

HYV sorghum, grown for certified seed production Planting date: Groudnut Rabi Planting date: Average of morning and afternoon values of vapour pressure Comments: Through field observations, interviews with extension agents and farmers and additional information from other agencies, for instance a revenue department, an assessment can be made of the present cropping pattern.

The Crop module requires crop data over the different cropwat 4 windows 4.3 stages, defined windoas follow: For lowland rice, a water layer is maintained in the field for most of the growing season and therefore, extra irrigation water is required not only to cover evaporation losses but also to compensate for the percolation losses in the inundated fields.

From the crop water simulation, three major crops were identified for analysis: