When i run the pro update it says its doesnt support my FW. InsaneNutter , Dec 2, It does not require any advanced hack technique or hardware modification. Open up your memory stick under the Game section. The best of both worlds I think you will agree I want some Emulators: Share This Page Tweet.

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We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic Find out more Dismiss. Email me at Liamhelmsworth gmail. This varies between PSP models, chipsets and custom firmware support. Dude it works for all model, just follow the guide, risk-free. There are versions of Pro CFW that will run on older firmwares, but updating to 6.

How to Install Custom Firmware PRO B10 For For All PSP Models – PSP Free ISO and CSO Download

Updating your PSP to 6. The setup process is mostly the same, but custom firmware releases are model specific when it comes to download, and some of the newer models do not support permanent CFW, which can help to avoid bricking your PSP. My memory card also sometimes becomes unreadable and I have to reformat it to get it working again, then put the CFW on it again.


Can someone tell me if custom firmware 6.60 pro b10 works on a PSP please? Try putting games back onto the card after formatting. Any help might be enormously appreciated!

PSP 6.61 Custom Firmware Install on any PSP – PSP, PSP Slim, PSP 3000, PSP Go & E1000

You can not permanently flash this to a PSP InsaneNutterDec 2, Can i permanently flash the custom firmware to my PSP? Everything was great up to the PSPIdent, where it said “the data is corrupt. Ensure you downloaded the correct version for your PSP.

You can play games in the UMD drive, you can play games you bought from the store, but when it comes to trying to play games in an unconventional manner, you will hit a road block. It has firmware 6.

I don’t really understand whats going on, as i followed all of the steps perfectly. Hey I have psp did I need a Pandora battery.

Installing Pro CFW on a PSP (PSP Brite) –

Skip this step if you already have Firmware 6. It does not require any advanced hack technique or hardware modification. You should now 6.600 some new exciting options examples from PRO-C! Your ideas for new strategies on this area were enlightening and a good help to us.


Complete Guide to PSP Custom Firmware

We can see that my PSP is a 1. I was not dissatisfied. Inside this RAR file you will find 3x folders that you need: Just rerun the fast recovery tool np.

You may need to check out the PSP thread on this. Your email address will not be published.

Dragon Master likes this. The custom firmware will stick until you totally power your PSP off.

Installing the custom firmware: Carelessness causes metaphorical fire. The selection process will also take in to account what firmware version you have.

Btw thanks 6.6 this guide.