It took a few spins for Dave Hause’s debut solo full-length, Resolutions , to click, but when it clicked, it clicked hard. More songs, more recordings, more shows. It’s wrought with hints of the musical pace and tone of his ongoing work with The Loved Ones, but its emotional impact is all its own. When you look back at the time Resolutions was being made, what stands out most? I would say so, yeah. Lyrically, you didn’t shy away from the personal on your first solo album and that still remains the case. I would just have doubled down I think.

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Resolutions (Dave Hause album) – Wikipedia

Next Review Andrew Jackson Jihad: After a few resilutions listens, I dismissed it as sounding like nothing more than acoustic Loved Ones songs. How much would you do differently — if anything — given the chance to tackle Resolutions and that period of your career again? The songs he’s written, while easily identifiable from each period or project, dave hause resolutions attached by a throughline of honesty and devotion.

It also is a link in a long chain of songwriting for me. I sometimes look back at things I’ve written and don’t understand exactly where they came from.

More songs, more recordings, more shows. More from Brad Barrett at Twitter artbaretta or on www. I wanted the resolutioms I spend the most time on to get its proper day in the sun.


How does Resolutions fit into your overall body of work — does it feel like progress to you or a reset? Why would I laugh at it? Either way, I’m excited to see what the future holds for this great songwriter, and will be enjoying Resolutions in the meantime.

Previous Review All Teeth: When you look back at the time Resolutions was being made, what stands out most? Not one to shy away from vulnerability, his words tie dave hause resolutions honest throughline tighter with each observation and self-reflection.

We also have a few copies of the ‘C’Mon Kid’ 7″ too. It reset things by accident. We did the heavy sanding and polishing on Devour though.

It wasn’t until I gave the record my full attention that I realized how great and diverse it actually is.

It was a love letter to my new little nephew and niece. It was really fun. They often are beamed through a prism though, where you can use creative license to tell a better story. Elsewhere, “Pray for Tucson” and the title track are more traditional sounding, but hauze all the same.

He released hauxe solo album Bury Me In Philly in Februarysix years after debut album Resolutions13 years after forming punk band The Loved Dave hause resolutions, and almost 20 years since releasing his first album with his band Step Ahead.


I would just have doubled down I think. Those tours were a gift. Do you tend to listen back to your records and what was your reaction resoutions dave hause resolutions last time you listened to Resolutions?


It was a really pure moment in time. Rather than hold these songs in, he’s continued to craft them in his own fashion. The next song, “Meet Me at the Lanes” is where things really take off.

Dave Hause on Resolutions — Xtra Mile Recordings

Opening with these two tracks is a nice way to reel in fans of his past dave hause resolutions, but at the same time might cause some dave hause resolutions dismiss Resolutions as more of the same, as I initially did. Lyrically, you didn’t shy away from the personal on your first solo album and that still remains the case.

Dave Hause has been on the road most of his life. The camaraderie and fearlessness that Chuck develops on those tours adve truly infectious.

I figured we could resolutiojs some of the axe marks in the wood, and that not everything needed to be sanded perfectly.