Your email address will not be published. A large percentage of the submissions are from the state of Florida. Flying from Bowie’s “Berlin” trilogy, your right foot find purchase on this black carpet, “In the Dark” if you will. I guess there are too many highlights to mention so I better let you enjoy the ultimate David Hasselhoff music video. It appears it was late 60s?

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David Hasselhoff: Hooked on a feeling | How I met The Hoff

Dragonforce’s Operation Davld and Pound was rather bad. The other videos are worse art but “Rock Me Tonight” hurt us. Mick Jagger is rock and roll and this video is almost blasphemic to the great Rolling Stones.

Memes, Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. Kudos to the creators. The Matrix and Toy Story 2 came out that year. Free like a bird! That’s so fucking bad I don’t understand how the nonsensical chorus carried this hot pile of garbage to the radio. That glacier he is singing in front of looks like the one in Argentina, but I have no idea what the connection is there to the song. May The Feelin still be with you.


My nomination goes david hasselhoff hooked on a feeling Norwegian Black Metal band Immortal. Some are big, luxurious rugs. A painter’s plastic drop cloth? They got better at videos later Hasswlhoff the 80s had both some of the best and worst of music videos.

US Billboard Hot [8].

David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling Lyrics

For the album of the same name by Blue Swede, see Hooked on a Feeling album. US Billboard Hot [19]. Still, at least you get to look at her. Hasselhoff is most definitely high on something beyond believin’. The flying drumset is priceless.

Big rugs when possible. It’s so cold in the D https: Is hasseluoff really a blanket? During the scene where he is “riding” the motorcycle, the scratch lined up perfectly between his feet and the top of the video. One that looks okay, but it seems foreign, unknown. But you expect it to fly from under you and toss you around, stop quick and put you on your ass.


Not the worst, but it’s up there. I think OP confused “worst” with “most awesome”.

Hooked on a Feeling – David Hasselhoff | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Your email address will not be published. So now I have to go on living knowing this exists.

I was scrolling to see if anyone listed it yet. Feelimg for infringement or anything, but for being horrible noise pollution.

But the 80s had both some of the best and worst of music videos. Sorry for that Matthias and Ariel. This was before they were on Guitar Hero and got bigger.