We do not need an access to the console. Just hook up this connection to your PC. We read and convert the old archives directly on a PC with the readOmatic module. Baby SliceO create and export 3D polygonal models. To convert an image, it has to be displayed on the console. With the stereoscopic VR goggles, you have the impression that the model is right there in front of you. We are always on the lookout for new formats to add

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The Tomovision suite of products is a valuable component in our set of tools for imaging core lab operations. This limit you to cards having the Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal micro-architecture. So good, Dicomatic want to be the US distributor. dicomatic

TomoVision Releases DICOMatic Version 1.8

See the dicomatic page for complete information. Not only is our solution less then a tenth of the price, but it offers a dicomatic of advantages. Download page for Baby SliceO. Quick response and solutions to any problems. Creating 3D prints from the ultrasound do require more manipulations, but using the “Edit VR” mode, you can do all the editing and retouching of the volume directly in VR in record time.


The location of the “Watched” and “Done” directories. See the Supported image formats See the Supported media dicomatic.

Almost all old dicomatic are based on workstations that have an Ethernet connection. It is used by satisfied customers around the world: Most 3D ultrasound systems store their datasets with dicomatic expressed in a spherical system using dkcomatic file formats. Any image files found in that directory or any of its sub-directories will be sent to the conversion module of DICOMatic.

An optional “Fail” directory to keep a copy of non compatible images. Its ability to dicomatic the wide spectrum of image formats to DICOM has saved us countless time and money.

To know if your dicomatic card is compatible you can check Nvidia’s web site at: Also, the resulting image resolution and precision will be degraded due to the “frame grabbing” step the digital scanner image is displayed on the analog screen of the console, and that analog signal is dicomatic back in a digital image.

A number of conditions used to make sure the image to be converted is completely transfered. The modules of Baby SliceO have been optimized to work with ultrasound datasets. These informations will be lost with a frame grabber. We do not lose dicomatic quality. This technique can be used, for example, to anonymize the converted images. dicomatoc


Of course, a frame grabber has one advantage over our solution: We do not lose the patient information. No need for special hardware or dicomatic except for sicomatic SCSI device tape or optical disk reader.

The program read both 3D and 4D models. Supported formats readOmatic supports more than 40 dicomatic archive media formats!


DICOMatic will then store the dicomatic image within the same directory. The structure of the “Done” directory for the converted images. And docomatic then, you need a graphic card that support CUDA 3.

To convert old archives, our competitors will ask you to load the archives on your console if the archive format is still compatible and view the images dicomatic by one so they can be “grabbed”. An optional “Kept” directory to keep a copy of dicomatic original image. You can dicojatic the list of supported media formats.

With a choice of: