Awesome, thanks to all Free Libre Software developers! Looks like it’s fixed! Build it using macports is very difficult and slooow. In a quick way tags could be added just for upload if there are no before without going to the full DigiKam database. Mon Mar 29, WOW, a million thanks!!

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Opening the application causes crash. Awesome, thanks to all Free Libre Software developers! Submitted by DrSlony not verified on Tue, Complete rewrite of the FilmGrain tool. As for the contents of the screenshot, they reflect what’s new in 1. Facebook upload unreliable, and fails in unsafe fashion. Raw import tool does not use general digiKam settings. Submitted by digiKam on Tue, Adept tells me that “Kipi Plugins 1. I dunno if this is covered from the kipi-plugins side but this is digikam 1.2.0 question: I submitted it as a wishlist item but then digikam 1.2.0 it changed to a normal bug and now I don’t figure out how to change it back.


Show screenshot alongside theme description. Digikam 1.2.0 Submitted by Michau not verified on Mon, Everything lighter distracts the eye and as a result you cannot make a good decesion about contrast and tones of the photo Export plugin for Piwigo.

This way you would need to write only one plugin in order to support all digikam 1.2.0 services to some extent for upload at least, don’t think you can download but would digikaam great anyway. Creating new album during import fails.

Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work!

digiKam 1.2.0 released…

Metadata settings only EXIF. Different amounts of noise can be added to highlights, shadows and midtones. Gui too big for eeepc. New tool to convert images color space. I agree with the above Submitted by Bill Yiannakos not verified on Tue, Color Balance tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget. Dear beloved developers, Would it be possible to add an export plugin to the pixelpipe service? Trying to delete tags crashes digiKam. I have installed digiKam 1. Digikam 1.2.0 Color Correction tool is multithreaded and use digikam 1.2.0 zoomable preview widget.


Thank you for digikamit’s been getting really good over the digikma few releases! Fileview preview panning shortcut back to old. Drop image file in digiKam.

digiKam – Changelog

Tool dialog redesigned with same layout than Flickr, Facebook, etc. I confirm Submitted by digiKam on Sun, Submitted by digiKam on Fri, RAF file just tell me!

This website’s colour scheme, particularly its poor contrast, is not a good advertisment for a photo management application. Crash when having two tags with digikam 1.2.0 same name in one folder.