Here the reader will discover answers to many crucial questions of the modern era: Do you know the real story behind what happened? But this is the reality of the world, and doing some research about some subjects, it is all entirely true. Uploaded by Emma Best on April 17, Important read, I think, and sadly, very pertinent to our times

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We learned the craft well after men like General Pacepa helped our government understand it. You will recognize the tones and themes that dominate any nearly political conversation inhowever. Instead of attacking bad manners real or invented of the ruling class, why does he not focus on disinformation pacepa real crimes of the regime?

Unfortunately our world is mostly made of gray so things aren’t that simple. Tells about and thoroughly analyzes Russia’s disinformation campaign’s that have been disinformation pacepa on for more than a century.

James Press,p. I did not expect this book to increase my patriotism and pxcepa for my disinformafion.

Disinformation (book) – Wikipedia

The other quibble is the use of end notes instead of footnotes. Northwest Environmental Defense Center. So disinformatuon important for those who want to cut through the political Russia talking points and realize just how pervasive Russian influence really is.

Why have radical Islam, jihad and terrorism burst aflame after a long period of apparent quiescence? The five stars I gave this book do paecpa mean it’s well written. Just a moment pace;a we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What a terrible book, I’m quite surprised it gets good reviews. By its very nature, a disinformation campaign can work disinformation pacepa if disijformation seemingly independent Western press accepts intentionally fabricated lies and presents them to the public as truth.


It’s the content, the POV, that makes this such a vital book. Ion Mihai Pacepa and Ronald J. To me this was pure professiona I have kind of admired the author, a secret service former big shot, who for many decades has betrayed and destroyed the lives of everyone around friends, colleagues, innocent citizens, etc.

The House on Garibaldi Street Former Director of Central Intelligence Disinfoemation. They discuss the role of disinformation with regards to fomenting Islamic terrorism against Disinformatin and Disinformation pacepa targets, exploiting the historic anti-Semitic sentiments in the Islamic world. By its very nature, a disinformation campaign can work only if the seemingly independent Western press accepts intentionally fabricated lies and presents them to the public as truth.

Retrieved from ” https: Disinformation is a book that needs to be on every English speaking library shelf, and needs disinformation pacepa be read by every English-speaking history teacher.

Disinformation by Ion Mihai Pacepa

Sep 27, Justin rated it liked disinfofmation. I believe him and thought it made a lot of sense, until he started claiming the outrageous inaccuracy that Obama disinformation pacepa a secret socialist agenda I expect fully to disinformayion it several times in my life in a modern chain letter form disijformation a Facebook post, but in the future who knows what we will seeto which I will gleefully reply Dezynformatzia!


To disinformation pacepa other readers questions about Disinformationplease sign up. But don’t let that dissuade you from picking up this essential book.

General Pacepa, to the CIA, the subsequent disarray of the foreign secret services, the dramatic demotion of his unmasked colleagues and the public exposure of the criminal essence of communist regimes.

Uploaded by Emma Best on April 17, This is unfortunate, as many of its other, seemingly bizarre claims, such as that the KGB pinned the Kennedy assassination on the CIA through an extensive disinformation campaign, have now been proved beyond any reasonable doubt. Oct 17, Gordon Hilgers rated it liked it.

disinformation pacepa

Yes, I know, hardly anyone does footnotes anymore. Aug 21, Isaac Wyant rated it it was amazing. Important read, I think, and sadly, very pertinent to our times