Push the SET key for more than 3 seconds to change the Set point value; 2. Comments to this Manuals Your Name: Push SET key and the Ed will stop flashing; 4. The instrument is provided with the CH programmable parameter wich enables the user to set the regulation S. The instrument is fully configurable through special parameters that can be easily programmed through the keyboard or the by HOTKEY. Use o or n to change its value; 4.

dixell xr06cx manual

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Do you ,anual a help? Temperature alarms HA and LA automatically stop as soon as the temperature returns to normal values. Push and immediately release the SET key, the set point will be showed; The L2 label will be displayed immediately followed from the Hy parameter. Use o or n to change its value; 4. Fit the probe where it is not accessible by the End User. At the end Keep the keys pushed till the Mxnual message is displayed. Place the defrost termination probe among the evaporator fins in the coldest place, where most ice is formed, far from heaters or from the XR04CX – XR06CX: Defrost is performed through a simple stop of the compressor.


At the end of defrost. Program one controller with the front keypad; dkxell is disabled. It is also provided with 1 NTC probe input and one digital input. Push SET key and the Ed will stop flashing; 4.

After the defrost is finished, the normal regulation will restart only if the digital input is disabled otherwise the instrument will wait until the dd safety time is expired. In this case push again o key if It signals the door status and the corresponding relay output status through the dC parameter: Check connections before replacing the probe.

The instruments are provided with screw terminal block to connect cables with a cross section up to 2,5 mm2. Press “SET” to store the new value and move to the following parameter.

Dixell XR06CX Operating Manual

Comments to this Manuals Your Name: It provides two NTC probe inputs, one for room temperature and other one to control defrost termination. It has three relay outputs to control compressor, fan, and defrost, which can be either electrical or reverse cycle ensuring the same and unchanged functionality.

dixell xr06cx manual

OFF time faulty probe. To memorise the new set point value push the SET key again or wait 10s. Do not exceed the maximum current allowed on each relay, in case of heavier loads use a suitable external relay.



dixell xr06cx manual

Let air circulate by the cooling holes. Separate the probe cables from the power supply cables, from the outputs and the power connections. Select the required parameter; 4. Consider the maximum current which can be applied to each relay see Xr06dx Data.

The hidden xd06cx includes all the parameters of the instrument. The outputs status don’t change. It provides a relay output to drive the compressor.

dixell xr06cx manual

After defrost, there is a timed fan delay allowing for drip time, set by means of the “Fd” parameter. My question is can i install the new controller to the same freezer will not affect the function or operation of the existing unit.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. It is also provided with 2 NTC probe inputs, the first one for temperature control, the 1. Push and immediately release the SET key, the set point will be showed; 2.