Also, Nevermore was so imbalanced, when you have Power Treads, Nevermore gets permanent Haste speed, even though it’s MS says otherwise. Lots of bugs please fix it but fun using heroes like Spongebob Squarepants and Telekinetic Blob. Anonymous August 19, at Smart Call Manager for Symbian answers incoming calls with only one button, rejects incoming calls, callbacks the caller, plays predefined sound. FUN maps are for those who wanna have fun. Please added, more Final fantasy character like sephiroth, zack, genesis, angeal etc.. Anonymous September 11, at 2:

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Yeah this fun is only for fun not for serious battle noobs And your grammar and spellings are fucking horrible.

It’s doesn’t effect anything when earn cap. Is anybody who play this map can assemble Escutcheon?

When Void AI casts Skill 1, later I found that after one of these times, Void’s armor is invulnerable and stop walking Anonymous August 19, at Advanced ID Creator Professional 7.


Fixed Mana Fiend’s HotKeys. Can I request if you can put heroes like Anime and Rota. Zeus’s lightning bolt does not work anymore when Zeus reaches a certain level.

DotA v6.71b AI Fun 2.6 Download

Old Invoker can aii Aghanims Scepter. Fixed Most of Formless’ bugs. Embed software to your page. Anonymous November 2, at This is Nierhyl-V i got a bug with invoke tornado it keeps spinning till the end and in tuskar lancer when it dies it never revives. Advanced ID Creator Enterprise 7.

Dota Guides and Downloads: DotA b AI Fun v Map download!

Can you please fix the bug! Its your choice, you decide. Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly! Please do not make a fool outta yourself, besides humiliating your race, the descendents of the dragons.

DotA Utilities

The remodeled version of the ancient heroes. Anonymous September 15, at Wait for the AI and stop complaining about new maps unrelated to it. I typed -kill but when he respawn, he still cannot move and armor invulnerable This website is made for anything related to DotA so its not crap. Anonymous May 13, at 7: Anonymous September 4, at 8: AI and human players must be equal.


DotA vb AI Fun Download | Warcraft 3 Maps | WC3 Map Direct Download

Anonymous September 11, at 3: Another fun map, but there is still a lot of bugs that you need to fix. Please contact us for consideration. Diabolic Edict does not work.

Anonymous August 7, at Only a matter of time Anonymous November 7, at 7: Anonymous January 14, at 5: