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e sempre assim jads e jadson

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Aqui Mora Gente Diga que valeu Apesar Dos Pesares I hit your girl with that slick talk, won’t see her again Drop the top, let your hair go, free in the wind Now we can go and get a room on the other side of town Or give me head in the whip if you wanna ride around Roll up the koheeba getting blunted by the pound I made it to the top, who thought I rubbled from the ground Bird city, who holdin it down, me and my man whiz Hit the club, Buy the bar, we let the champ fizz Knockin couple of brauds you know the plan is We call the whole crew, and then we ran trillz I’m so street I feel a part of the canvas Hard knocks University the heart of the campus And you know I got my PHD But that don’t stand for player hating That’s a Pimpin Heavy Degree.

e sempre assim jads e jadson

To nem ai pra mim Ando Falando Sozinho No Som da Viola Real Car Parking 2 4. Desejo de amar Apenas Mais Uma de Amor Minuto de Bobeira Nosso Amor Foi Assim Lil Uzi Vert Something New feat.


e sempre assim jads e jadson

Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais. Tombos de Amor Vara De Marmelo Tiro No Escuro sempree Com Todos Menos Comigo Iggy Azalea See You Again feat.

Crossing Void – Global 1. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. Louco Pra Te Amar Fazer o Bem Ride, I’m in to taking my time, so I tell the girl a comical lie just keep the conversation high Ride I don’t tell her no lies, I just tell the girl a comical lie just keep the conversation high Right, you better know she get down, you know tell the girl a comical lie just keep the conversation high Now she can’t get me off of her mind cuz I tell the girl a comical lie just keep the conversation high.

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Trem Ta Arrochando Cada Um Com Seus Problemas Sentido da palavra amar jds Tudo De Novo Jads e Jadson Top Letras Pantera Cor de Rosa Frasco de perfume I seen you from afar Nice frame and your braids long Gucci bag matching your frames ma And like a don I approached you I’m not the player type But if you play it right Ma I’ll coach you I’ll put it down how I’m spose to A popular dude But I’m tryna to see what’s poppin with you Know a little bout the kid cuz she’s been watching my moves Got my picture on the wall from when I popped in the news And true I been runnin’ the town Lot a chicks thought I was nuttin All of a sudden, wanting me know Doing research and hunting me down But never mind the stuntin’ Trying to see what’s on your mind and something Got a place to unwind, it’s nothing Have a wild discussion Imma roll some of this, ride n then puff it Yea, we start off slow, then kick it jadsson gear Off of that smooth shit, I kick in the iadson To keep asim conversation.


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