Use this to control the position of the side object relative to the spline shape. You can correct this by changing the index of points. This allows you to control the texture mapping on the road. Click on an empty area in the top menu bar to update it, if the EasyRoads3D menu is not yet visible in that sub menu. Optionally you may also select a texture with the manually edited road splatmap.

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If the index is easyroads3d 0 you can either set it to 0 by selecting 0 from the combobox at the top left.

Restore Terrain Vegetation 8. Insert road markers works similar easyroads3d adding road markers but instead of adding the marker easyroads3d the end of the road, dasyroads3d will insert the marker between the 2 closest markers to the mouse position. After importing the package the following new menu item will be added to the main menu in the Unity Editor:. It is the ideal tool to instantiate objects according a path or create procedural geometry according a path.

Higher values easyroads3d result in the terrain popping through the road unless you raise the road far enough above the ground. The River Object 8. A dialog window will appear where you can name the new road object.


EasyRoads3D Demo Project

Make sure the scene camera is in perspective mode when adding or inserting markers. It can be used as a terrain shaping easyroads3d by itself. Click on an empty area in the top menu bar to update it, if the EasyRoads3D menu is not yet visible easyroads3d that sub menu. Test drive your road objects quickly directly in Scene View. On bigger terrains with a low heightmap resolution it may happen that some parts of easyroads3d generated road splatmap are missing.

You can find the raw road splatmap in the folder: New EasyRoads3D Object 2.

EasyRoads3D Manual

Usually this happens in easyroads3d of significant height differences between the road and the original terrain height. Restore Terrain Splatmaps 6. If you have used the v2 package from our website before or the demo project, no activation is required.

In the next version this will be handled per road object individually. In Unity make sure that the import setting for size is 1. Find the files in:. This is directly related to the easyroads3d data of your prefab. A new game easyroads3d “Road Network” will be created in the easyroads3d hierarchy and auto selected. Did Unity automatically apply rotation values to the prefab or are the rotation values 0, 0, 0?

In other words, if you do easyroads3d want the easyroads3d object to snap to the terrain. For example in the demo, the train track side objects are not used in the road scene so we uncheck all side objects related to the train track.


Start at easyroads3d of the two points easyroadw3d should have only one connection. Fill in your serial number, your name and email easyroadds3d. You can define any shape you want:. You can modify it in your painting program, make it smoother, add detail, etc. In the free version only right tilting is editable. These values can also be set in the Inspector.

EasyRoads3D Free v3

But preferably first check the other point that should only have one connection. When rendering the road object easyroads3d will see that the road asset in the hierarchy now has a number of child assets matching easyroads3d number of LOD segments. If these layers are not named and your Unity Editor is set to use custom layer, layers 30 and 31 will be disabled and therefore the road will not be visible easyrosds3d scene view.