I particularly enjoyed Transaction Processing and Interceptors chapters. And CDI is certainly one of them A couple of points. I don’t see anything wrong in a EJB3. See also Handling transactions manually Getting ready How to do it Richard, how about some additions there to make your book the best and only on this that Jan quoted? Once again I will highlight the very elegant chapter-recipe structure and the fixed layout inside each recipe.

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It’s just a manner of picking the tool that best suits you.

Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, ejb 3.1 cookbook, tutorials, and more. See also Handling transactions manually Getting ready How to do it No need to apologise, I wasn’t offended, you were just stating your point Jan Groth wrote: Progressing Building on core skills you already have, these titles share solutions and expertise so you become a highly productive power user. My whole point is, you are complaining that a book, which says that it focuses on technology X, isn’t covering technology Y.

We have a saying in German: There was an error posting your review. Creating a singleton bean Getting ready How to do it Lots of valuable and accurate tips have been given, like the difference between Date and Calendar, logging and dealing with exceptions, effective String manipulations.


Using an interceptor for logging and exception handling. ejb 3.1 cookbook

EJB 3.1 Cookbook

Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook. Every Packt product delivers a specific learning pathway, emb defined by the Series type. With the book in question it would be virtually impossible. Creating and using EJBs can be challenging and rewarding. Learn more Add to cart. However, as in most endeavors, tradeoffs are made.

What You Coobkook Learn Create and use the different types of EJBs along with the use of the optional session bean business interface Create a singleton session bean for application-wide use Use declarative and programmatic techniques for security, timer services, and transaction processing Use asynchronous session beans to complement message driven beans Support aspect oriented features such as logging and data validation using interceptors Use EJBs in support of message based applications Master the use of deployment descriptors and improved packaging options Use EJBs outside of the Java EE environment using the embeddable ejb 3.1 cookbook.

This is the most advantageous feature of this publication: This ignores the new concept of loosely binding ejb 3.1 cookbook and intercepted method with InterceptorBinding and qualifiers. Using deployment descriptors for callback interceptors. I don’t see how that fits in! Subscription About Subscription Pricing Login. Register for an account and access leading-edge content on emerging technologies.


Eub is packed with useful screenshots to make your learning vookbook easier.

ejb 3.1 cookbook Asynchronous invocation of methods and enhancements to the timer service are also covered. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. He currently teaches at Tarleton State University. Using deployment descriptors for security Getting ready How to do it Creating and using EJBs can be challenging and rewarding.

The coverage is concise and to the point, coolbook is organized to allow you to quickly find and learn those features of interest to you. Using session beans with more than one business interface.

Ejb Cookbook by Richard Reese

Additional information Publisher Packt Publishing. First the author quotes the exact definition of this design pattern and then names a class wrapping EntityManager and providing convenient, strongly typed createremovefindAlletc. No one’s rated or reviewed this product yet.