How sure are we that Enter the Kettlebell! Aug 27, Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rather than reviewing them separately I will compare them. If not a couple of videos and this book are all you need. If you want to be entertained and don’t mind the fluff, read this book and enjoy the ride. I was glad to see after just 2 months that I could already press 53’s comfortably 5 times. I can’t imagine trying to learn actual kettlebell exercises, especially complex ones like the snatch, from just reading a book, though–especially in this age of instant access to tons of high quality video tutorials.

enter the kettlebell pavel tsatsouline

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Pavel Tsatsouline – Enter The – Ning Download ( Pages)

I want to order Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell! Over the years I have tried many types of programs for attaining my tsatsoulins goals. Francisco Marentez, SFG, used kettlebells to build a foundation for his barbell training. The title of this review is exactly what the ETK book and video will give. Want to Read saving…. This book is ok.

enter the kettlebell pavel tsatsouline

One thing for sure, they do make one more enthusiastic about KB training. Most of it is not information but noise. A truely Stand -Alone Program for Strength. And a lot of it! NowPavel honed his amazingly effective Enter the Kettlebell!


Enter the Kettlebell!

One style of breathing will weaken you and make your back vulnerable—the other style of breathing gives you the explosive power of a trained fighter With Enter the Kettlebell! In 5 tsatsoulinne I tsatsoulline from being able to do a double on my strong arm and occasionally still failing singles on my weak to being able to press 5 x 1,2,3,4,5 on both arms with the 32 kg KB.

Top quality of information. This is not to say that this probably isn’t a good book for another person but for me it’s not what I need to learn.

Enter the Kettlebell!: Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen

If you want to be entertained and don’t mind the fluff, read this book and enjoy the ride. At a recent StrongFirst kettlebell cert, one of the students was an extremely motivated young man with cerebral palsy.

enter the kettlebell pavel tsatsouline

Pavel, again, was precise and simple in his delivery. Pavel shows you some basic pointers. Nothing else is even close. And what you really need to do to get off to a quick—yet rock-solid—start. With Enter the Kettlebell you will: Minimalist programs like “Power to the People! In spite of the high caliber of the individual it attracts, typically 30 percent of the students fail. I read the reviews before I buy kettkebell with Dragon Door, and I could have sworn several people complained that there were no routines.


Barbell training kfttlebell me that raw maximum strength base, and the kettlebells draw from that and convert it into ballistic power, strength-endurance, and conditioning. I bought Tsatsouline’s book to gain mental strength and motivation to stay with it and maybe expand my body weight program with kettlebell exercises.

The program minimum and the Rite of Passage are all that are truly needed to become more than the “real men” around you. Excuse me what about the girls?? It’s an extreme handheld gym. Marines fighting enrer their god and country.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Feb 03, Anne rated it it was ok.

enter the kettlebell pavel tsatsouline

We teach men and women how to quickly and safely reach high levels of strength without interfering with their duty, job, or sport. Be kettlebll first to ask a question about Enter the Kettlebell! This isn’t a beginners book and is a book that would be useful after a few classes but it grated a bit with the attitude.