Kishore editing was perfect as the story keeps you on the edge of the seat. The editing was little dragging towards the end. Jerry made an excellent concussion with the gallery. It is purely coherent that the script was plainly over-matured and hard-hitting for GV’s age and experience. Will the great author who writes about Apartheid cops having ‘hearts of gold’ and who, in his book, attacked those Indians who were anti apartheid see this film? A newly married woman is coveted by the white manager and he decrees that ‘she must not have sex with her husband but she must be given to him’. Alexander rated it really liked it Aug 31,

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To name a few. There are no discussion topics on novsl panikadu book yet. Vedhika is sure to make a mark with her character which has both shades. Haran Prasanna rated it really liked it Oct 03, Bala played his role well as a director, as well as the producer of the film.

A milestone in Tamil cinema! It details how the Paikadu Planters Act of led to the poor conditions of plantation workers. Like many other Bala fans in theater I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and came out of the theater with heavy heart because of heart wrenching story. To my surprise the movie run at a very brisk space thanks to crisp editing. Art, Costume and Editing are another plus. Angamma Eriyum panikadu novela village girl falls for him and paniladu pleasure in bullying him.


Eagerly awaiting his next one. But here, this is Bala’s film, devotional Christian song which is nowhere eriyum panikadu novel near the ones sang on churches, eriyum panikadu novel very very hilarious ending with. The actors in his films perform so well that their brilliant acting wasn’t supported with a nice script.

The film ends rather abruptly, but it does so to show the never-ending lives of these workers. This is all the introduction you gonna get from me because this is pnikadu no spoilers review.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, the villagers are against Angamma getting involved with him, and warn her against it. Prakash did a very good job in songs department, sometimes I got the feeling his Bgm are overlapping with the scene. Action sequences are fantastically shot. The plantation manager has his whores among the workers in the tea plantation.

Well I blame this on IBDB because the rating does not mean where it should be eriym on,either directing ,acting or any other thing.

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I wish he gives us more quality movies like this rather than doing commercial movies. Of course labourers were free to leave, although those with debts would still need to find a way to pay them off. Did audience crying for that? On the whole get in for a 2hour 5 mins film stripping and showcasing the black pages of Indian history. Eriyum panikadu novel by Sivakumar Balachandran bsiva84 gmail.


In that fashion, the production appears much smaller than its minutes would suggest. Watch it only in theaters. Want to Read saving….

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His big expressive nvel bring out many emotions. Firstly, to film a script based on a period-novel requires an enormous level of maturity and brilliance in film making which can be done only by few directors in India. Some excuses do exist, though, with their poorness and the remoteness of the place they live. The editing was little dragging towards the end.

Then there are the haughty, relatively well-off and often light- skinned ‘modern’ Indians.