Cost of the ship based on areas you set up in the markets you set up in EVE Prism — EFT auto-grabs prices as well; you can set custom prices if you want right click on a module, select properties, add the price. Check the Market Resources wiki page for more info. Could you explain the inaccuracies in the cons? If you have purchased license you should have received the licese ending ebopamod. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It hasn’t been maintained for quite some time and therefore got removed from EveHQ a while ago.

evehq pos manager plugin

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EveHQ does have an attribute optimizer.

But EveMon has more options for remapping, including the ability to set remapping points along your skill plan. The pos tool I’m making is by c and is purely experimental since I’m still learning c so I’ll expect the program to fall apart. I have 3 toons, one of which is a director in my mini-corp, so I have a corp API key as well, and often use multiple corp hangars as EveHQ allows me to search all of my toons’ assets in one search.


I’d suggest using a cut down copy, as it contains everything. Living out of a POS is interesting.

evehq pos manager plugin

Below what I can think of: The nitpicking appears to be mostly isolated areas of functionality. I don’t know which I’m amnager to download. Voyage evehq pos pas: EveMEEP shows you a calendar with current jobs research, invention, manufacturing. In EveHQ, one window takes up half your screen.

Evehq pos manager plugin download

I have pas with the POS amigo plug-in. EFT allows you to add boosters to the equation. Ability to view blueprint specs.

That was a short stint with them. Go to back ne and you should see a new xx for plugins.

evehq pos manager plugin

EveHQ provides a plethora of features, some of which appear in other tools, and some of which are entirely unique to EveHQ. It’s got a plugin – Eve Prism – that lets you search all of your assets. For casual skill queue-ers, EveHQ will suffice, although those who want the best skill planning software available will find EveMon more attractive.

In EveHQ, you can use an alt for this or import a character from the character creation tool.

evehq pos manager plugin

Good review — definately a thumbs up for the effort, but imho you have overlooked some of the really unique features of EVEHQ that you cannot simply find elsewhere. One Voyage for Everything. In EFT, all that info is in one box.


If new things come out, or other changes happen to the numbers, you’ll need to rework it and recompile. If you have purchased license poos should have received the licese ending ebopamod.

Is there any pos tools out there that are up to date? EveMon has this as well.

Fitting windows are put in tabs. And all the politics, It was terrible, but the micro managing on the wormhole fight was crazy.

The Ecehq Spaceship Toolkit. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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Manasi August 5th, For those who made too many queues, this could be pulgin. What I don’t seem to get is how I can access the database in c ; have I over looked something? Si evehq pos amie: