The new snapshot, FreeBSD We can’t get your messages right now. As with previous releases, antiX comes in 3 flavours for and bit processors all fitting on a CD. Installation media, live discs and a network install ISO are offered as download options. The Salix project, a desktop oriented distribution based on Slackware, has released a new development snapshot. The April AV Linux

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Debian “Squeeze” enters long term support status, Ubuntu tests Unity 8 desktop builds, Fedora considers new package manager, CentOS battles with version numbers Questions and answers: And a tech preview of GTK global menu integration. Many changes have jacker made since 6.

The Cinnamon edition improves support for multi-monitor configurations and allows users to run multiple panels on their desktop. Zorin OS 9 RC.

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Please try again later. StrongSwan IPsec security vulnerability: Debian 9 is available in several variant, including a full DVD set and a separate set of live DVD images with popular desktop environments, among other options. The project’s latest release, 4MLinux The elementary OS project does not provide permanent locations to download the live DVD image; but this page provides a way to generate a time-limited ISO image download link 1,MB, pkglist.


Distributions with support for even older hardware Released last week: The policy is, once a first ‘pacman -Syu’ becomes a major update, it is time for a new ISO image so new users are not faced with a difficult first update. Before facdbook release our ISO images there is still a lot to do.

The project has announced the release of a new version, Robolinux 8. Fedora works around video driver issue, facsbook builds Tumbleweed with new compiler, OpenBSD reduces power consumption on laptops, first impressions of Debian, Chromium’s hidden binary extension Questions and answers: More information on both editions can be found in the release announcements StaticRolling.

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Install programs with the Discover facility, surf the internet with Chromium, or edit your documents and spreadsheets with the WPS Office.

Initial thoughts on Linux Mint 17 News: The developers of elementary OS have released a new development snapshot. Working with or around Secure Boot Torrent corner: Distro-hopping frequency May DistroWatch. I could use some help with describing the upgrade steps or even creating a script to aid users in process of upgrading their systems.

If you’re worried about how users will be able to get and install your applications, don’t panic.

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Invalid password, please complete all fields. We do not, however, support secure boot on EFI systems yet. Univention Corporate Server 4. Kernel blobs and getting rid of them Released last week: Users are sent to a captive portal from which they can access the network by authenticating themselves via social login, SMS or e-mail. This ISO has a complete redesign of the Midna theme for The choice is yours!


A Slackware-derived distribution with Xfce facebiok without systemd. There is more extensive testing of new features and less experimental work in STABLE images, resulting in a more solid and usable experience.

We’ve also added some metapackages for popular tasks such as graphic arts and photography to the Featured section of the Software Manager.

It no longer needs to reload itself in root ffacebook when you click on it. Ryan Finnie has announced the release of version of Finnixa small Debian-based live Linux distribution for system administrators – now with experimental support for the armhf architecture: As usual, there are many enhancements and bug fixes.