None Haml Markdown Slim Pug. All of them offer things like variables and mixins to provide convenient abstractions. Zoomed Full Size Featured image. The default is 6 so if the zoom level results in too much magnification on hover, try a lower value. The ID as class and “thumbs” class can also be used for styling. The dimensions setting ensures the script properly resizes the magnified image relative to the original image at all times. Zooms from 3 to 10 zoomrange:

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Sets the zoom level of the magnified image relative to the original image. It is easy to use, you can just use single image featured image zoomer jquery set a large image. Download Source Demo Website. Enter ” right ” or ” left “. It has third mode of image zoom effect: Zoome Zoome is a jQuery plugin to help you zoom images with hover effect grayscale,blur,transparent and you can z oom-in or zoom-out use mousewheel.

It’s great to use on product images, photos, or other images with lots of details juery want users to be able to get into on command. Advertisement Advertise with us! Integrating NuvuZoom jQuery zoom plugin in your website gets you several visual zoom styles and effects.

Without further adieu then, below lists the options jqury can pass into addimagezoom. You can easily integrate it in your project and deliver faster to your customers. Or if the midsized image is a scaled down version of the larger image, use instead data-dims to indicate those scaled down dimensions.


This works best with product images, pictures, or any images featured image zoomer jquery has a number of details that you user would want to see. Thursday, 03 January Maybe if you were told we could understand the true video. Default is ” right “. Donate Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin? If set to true mousewheel will not shift image position while mouse is over image: If disabled, use the “Run” button to update.

Featured Image Zoomer – jQuery Plugins

Exactly what i wanted. Insert the below sample code into the BODY section of your page, which shows 3 featured image zoomers:. No, I don’t use WordPress hosting. For your information, this larger magnified image comes from the data-large attribute of the thumbnail image link, or if that’s not set, the href of the thumbnail image link. Angelina Jolie Zooms to actual resolution of the featuredd zoomrange property not zolmer Zoomable image not centered vertically within its container imagevertcenter property not set Descripton doesn’t follow image bottom descpos property not set Magnified image not centered vertically imsge relation to the zoomable image magvertcenter property featured image zoomer jquery set Although there is no variable zoom, mousewheel is disabled while over image disablewheel: Zoom is an easy image lightbox jQuery plugin for small galleries.

Ten Best jQuery Image Zoom Effect Plugins

jqufry Simple Image Panner is a free jQuery plugin that lets you pan and zoom in on large images that are confined inside smaller containers. Yet, with jQuery zoom effect plugins script, you can always keep the images smaller then let your visitors decide if they wanted to zoom in the image. The default is 6 so if the zoom level results in too featured image zoomer jquery magnification on hover, try a lower value. It has a clean design while it can also be connected with the social media sites.


This script lets you view a magnified portion of any image zomer moving your mouse over it.

If not included in this way for any given thumbnail image link, it will default to whatever the zoomrange setting is for this multi-zoom. Thanks featured image zoomer jquery the plugin and the great support, i was looking for a plugin to magnify my featured images when hover, only on post pages to show in detail the PC repairs my client does.

Magnifier size set to px by px, positioned right of original image. If the stylesheet you link to has the file extension of a preprocessor, we’ll attempt to process it before applying. Some optional shortcode parameters can also be used. In most cases the script will determine the optimal z-index to use here, so this property should only be used if there are z-index stacking problems.

The value should be in the form [x, y], where x and y are integers that define the lower and upper bounds of the zoom level.