Fixed the security state indicator on a page now correctly ignores loads caused by previous pages. Fixed significant memory leak with GreaseMonkey add-on. Limited Sync registration updates. Android Last release for Android 3. Unprefixed ‘hyphens’ property is now supported. Unicode-range CSS descriptor implemented. Firefox 48 was released on August 2, for both desktop and Android.

firefox esr 17.0.10

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Retrieved December 28, New style for add-on manager based on the in-content preferences style.

Fixed incomplete downloads being marked as complete by detecting broken HTTP1. Retrieved March 22, Native support for the Opus audio format added.

Accessibility related improvements on using pinned tabs. Support for ‘switch’ role in ARIA 1. Fixed significant memory leak with GreaseMonkey add-on. Plugins can now be configured to only load on click about: Firefox Hello now includes instant messaging.

firefox esr 17.0.10

Diagnostic information on timing for tab switching. An issue with pdf. Fixed page scrolling on sites with fixed headers.


Firefox version history – Wikipedia

Retrieved July 22, Fixed a regression in the bookmark creation. Change log not available. Retrieved March 21, Improved canvas, JavaScript, memory, and networking performance. SVG images can be used as favicons.

Firefox version history

Added ability to display server-side logs in the console. Retrieved March 13, Reader Mode now displays estimated reading time for the page.

firefox esr 17.0.10

Retrieved June 7, So it updated itself. New API to prevent your display from sleeping. Chrome closes on Firefox, IE6 dying out”.


Ability to set a profile picture for your Firefox Account. Asynchronous call stacks now allow web developers to follow the code flow through setTimeout, DOM event handlers, and Promise handlers.

Now, those users as well as any user with administrative credentials can update Firefox.

The default home page fireffox has quicker access to bookmarks, history, settings, and more. Retrieved March 11, Firefox 64 for desktop provides better recommendations, enhanced tab management, easier performance management, improved performance for Mac and Linux users, by enabling link time optimization Clang Dsrmore seamless sharing on Windows, the option to remove add-ons using the context menu on their toolbar buttons, TLS certificates issued by Symantec that are no longer trusted by Firefox, and the availability of WebVR on macOS.


Views Read View source View history. 17.0.01 judged that third-party-installed add-ons were problematic, taking away user control, lagging behind on compatibility and security updates, slowing down Firefox startup and page loading time, and cluttering the interface with unused toolbars.

This will address some keyboard layouts that:

firefox esr 17.0.10