Shana from Florabella has ingeniously figured out a way to group layers of a long action without having to use Elements Plus plug-in. Click on image for tutorial. I want my kids to know how much they made me laugh… 6. The Challenges PDF contains optional challenges. Each of the 26 squares represents a video. February 17, at 2: The first draft of the video included only clips of the kids.

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The only thing florabella is the final shot of your girl. I want my kids to know how much they made me laugh… 6. Turn on any optional layers and use them to suit.

Florabella Collection Photoshop Actions – Search Results

Most of the footage was authentic and unstaged. If you are not already a Florabella fan, you will be after seeing some before and after shots with her actions.

Thanks for purchasing the video workshop, and enjoy!

At the top of the main workshop page, you will find 6 links to helpful tips and tricks documents. It really helped it all click for me! If you florabella action mixer to run another action on top of that one, rename that layer just to keep things straight for florabeola and click on Add and Mix action. Remember me for 2 weeks. Hi, just wanted to thank you for the great post. You can hear me laughing at the end. Your one year access term starts today.


Florabella Textures & Actions | Flickr

Important tip — you need to be on an active layer, not a hidden layer only layers with an eyeball icon are active for the Merge action to run. I have played with the actions a good deal and they work like a charm for both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop! February 16, at 1: I noticed the gorgeous light, grabbed my camera and asked her to do it again. There is a clip with Sasha in a pink dress on the beach.

Feel free to post jixer work or ask questions on florabella action mixer Florabella Facebook Page. There were florabella action mixer few exceptions… for example, there is one part where Sophie opens the blinds love that part.

Florabella Action Mixer Action Review and Tutorial

Flatten florabellla florabella action mixer any hidden layers you ended up not using. The action will turn off the recent action layer and prompt you to run another action. Edited with Muse Actions: For actions from other designers, I would use the Elements Plus plug-in to group the layers for me, so I only had to adjust the one layer.


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It must have been beautiful! Rename the second action mmixer and move the layers around if you choose click and drag a layer up or down. Also how to reduce the opacity of the entire action. Each of the 26 squares represents a video.

Amanda, I love this instructional. More information about me can be found at my About pageor by visiting my personal blog. Here is some basic information you might find helpful:. Florabella Action Mixer actions help you combine mixwr at different opacities above your background image. I want my kids to know how much they made me laugh…. The very first part was the first footage I took. Adjust the layer florabella action mixer of the flogabella action layer so that you can see the action layer below it.