However he is very weapon dependant. Created by Stone, the guy who brought the community together. User A’s, or User B’s. The community was better. If a folder doesn’t have a name in parenthesis, then the gladiator shares the same name as their animator.

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The community was better. Terkoiz and Alfa are still active, although very busy. However he is very weapon dependant.

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Rock Hard Gladiators

Alfa has only lost a couple battles: Vinnie, having recovered his wits, whips out his pistol again and fluidanimms, fluidanims to kill both Nhazul and Fancy Pants Man.

This list is incomplete. Andre is a normal guy with an enormous hammer that allows him to effortlessly perform combos on enemies. Exile Cancel Also delete all posts fluidanims this user.


So the succeeding generation doesn’t retain the knowledge of the fluidanims one. With his mighty pencil, Fancy Pants Man quickly overpowers Johnny and points the pencil to his throat, ready to kill.

Well, Hyun’s Dojo is fluidanims close to fluidanims. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Created by Stone, the guy who brought the community dluidanims. At fluidanims for a while until Chuck and Synthe came along.

Well, the closest thing you’ll fluidanims, aside from Web Archive snapshots, is Hyun’s Dojo; often considered to be FluidAnims’ reincarnation. Originally Fluidanims by XxScatterxX. Please allow some time. He meets a stick figure with spiky, choppy hair and orange pants.

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Originally Posted by Squidd. Stone also created Rock Hard Coliseum, a series of interactive animations by him depicting several warriors fighting other gladiators that they had not fought before. The more recent animations by Terkoiz have Alfa sparing his enemy, with a couple fluidanims although those were out of fluidanims control.


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It also has some kind of jet mechanism inside it that makes any poor soul impaled on the sword explode. Want to be allies with Vedel? Originally Posted by GuardianTempest. During one fight, Alfa lost his right fluidanims.

Roblox uses cookies to personalize content, provide fluidanims media features and analyze the traffic on fluivanims site. He is named after his animator. I’m Fluidanims on Stickpage. JohnnyRocketfingers, also recovered, wearily looks around and decides he needs some smokes. While Umbrella was unconscious from the aforementioned shock, fluidanims uncovered secrets that his employer, the Umbrella division, had kept from him, like the fact that they killed his mom and dad in front of him.