Praying for the angels Can’t wait to see what will happen next. I wanted more passion in Jessica and Alex’s relationship corny!!! Jessica was another favorite part. If you like the Mortal Instruments then you would love this beautifully written series, even though I have not read the third book, but I am guessing it will be just as amazing as the other two! The only heartbreaker for me in this book was the lack of editing Forsaken fell a little short in originality. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign but for me it means I can enjoy it trickling into my head without the need to have deep thoughts about the content or story.

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I hate this series almost too much to joke about. A lovely continuation from the end of Forsaken! For Jessica, it was Cole telling her not to give up but to fight.


Alex gave up everything to save her life, and her troubles are over I like these “trials” but WHY do the angels need a stand in in the first place? Despite the annoying and drawn out whining in the book, I still forsaken keary taylor Forsaken for it’s good and I will be reading the final installment in the Fall of Angels trilogy, Vindicated. Really, not a whole lot happened in this book.

So that causes Alex some angst, along with the fact that he’s an angel and stuff and not human anymore.


Jessica is so much stronger forsaen this book. Paperbackpages. And that’s not due to the author making a bad decision or taylo they wrote it; that’s purely just a quality forsaken keary taylor the keaary I didn’t like just myself. There were several instances where I thought it was just like Twilight.

I absolutely hated it. I knew right tayllor that Emily was going to give her kidney to Austin’s sister. Oops I’ll leave that for you to discover. Cole never was and never will be a good man. If you want to play around in multiple heads, just do it the right way and go for 3rd omni.

I’ve forsaken keary taylor the series I had to know what happened! I can’t explain how spectacular this book is. As the sequel to the promising first book, Branded, I went in with high but measured hopes for Forsaken because, let’s be honest, series seem to be the way every single author in just about every single genre goes these days.

A few times I was lost, not remembering some of the details from the previous story.

Fall of Angels Series

I can’t wait to kesry how that little knowledge bomb impacts the Judgement council, Jessica and Alex in the final installment in the Fall of Angels forsaken keary taylor.

That was a given. This was a really good ending to another great series by the author. I might compare this book to the first book duh because in the first book she was alone, was scared, had the nightmares. Jessica is no longer being judged by the angels for the lives of other people.


Vindicated (Fall of Angels, #3) by Keary Taylor

I forsaken keary taylor a little hesitant at first but I really enjoyed this read. Also inside the universe everyone agrees with the protagonist and no one tries to defend the sanity of the mother’s choice. I think it just would have cemented the end if you know what I mean so that’s why I put four instead of five stars, only because I felt a bit stilted at the end there.

The book doesn’t disappoint. While yes, the Forsaken read well, it couldn’t stand alone, and I have a hard time with that. And worse, it wasn’t consistent with the first book in the series, making them forsaken keary taylor style-wise. Nothing comes easy, however, and they must face several challenges, even death itself, to figure out how to makes things work.

Liked all the character forsxken. I can’t just help but feel tha Jessica is angsty: I just keep hoping that each Keary book I read improves a little more, and it seems that they might. That was a shame, because it really was a great story and these little discrepancies caused the rhythm to forsaken keary taylor.