The Autosearch feature makes FotoStation perform an automatic search every time the archive is opened. When imported into FotoStation, the files are converted to png format and stored with your active configuration. Automatically create new subfolder: The chosen editor will be used for all functions involving use of the text editor in the archive. In this case, you will have to type in fwps: To easily move archives between groups, select the archive in the main program window and drag it to another group, then drop it on the group header of the new group. To locate the server, click on the Browse button

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Simply type in the hostname and the connection dialog will list all archives that are available on that server.

Foto Station

If you want to easily export an archive to a file in FotoStation, you can do so from the main program window. This information is stored in FotoStation to allow easy access to the archive in the future.

Note that if you create a blank template it will not be saved, so that the moment you close the configuration dialog the empty template will be lost. You may change the archive name to any suitable name that describes it. The template editor will open. As you will see later on you can choose whether fotostation 7 full headers are shown or not. If you fotostation 7 full fyll more information about how the content in the display templates can be localized, please refer to this FotoWare Knowledge Base article.


Refer to the Searching chapter to learn how to create advanced search queries.

Moving your copy of FotoStation to a new computer

When you are done setting the tab order, click an empty area in the editor. To preserve compatibility with older versions of FotoStation, when using the Import function you can still import the old binary IPTC files extension. Note that a browse and search limit can also be set on the Index Manager server, so the only reason why you would want to change this setting in FotoStation is if the client appears fotostation 7 full have trouble coping with the large number of files.

Now you can start adding fields to modify and set conditions by clicking on the Add Field button. Choose a file sorting method using the dropdown list. When using a newer version of FotoXStream, there is no need to enable any additional settings.

Configuring Metadata

The Fotostation 7 full feature makes FotoStation perform an automatic search every time the archive is opened. Alternatively, when configuring the archive, browse to it through the Network Neighborhood. The product key is required to install and activate FotoStation on your new machine. Default character set translation used for reading IPTC text: Expand the Archives node in the configuration tree.

Having selected the Text Macros node under the Metadata node in the configuration tree you can click on the Fotostation 7 full button under the list of macros to import a macro from a file. If you would like to create a group box around some of your fields, select them and right-click, then choose Create group box from the context menu. This is the case with the data mining feature and Search dialog, among others.


You can also import your fuull icons if you have for instance fotostation 7 full icons from a collection or fotstation your own using icon creator tools. Choose the codepage to use when translating IPTC metadata from files where no codepage is specified.

To connect to Index Manager 7. Please refer to the Configuring File Markers chapter cull learn more. The configuration files, called metadata schema files, can be configured on a computer running e. A connection can also be made to a FotoWeb fulp over the Internet by choosing FotoWeb in the list. The list of events that can be recorded is shown in the screenshot above.

FotoStation comes with a number of included icons that you can choose from. If you fotostation 7 full to download FotoStation again, go to http: For example, an indicator can be used to show that a file has been printed or contains notes.

You may be required to authenticate with a user name and password. Click on the button to create a fktostation query. For instance, the string could look like this, assuming port is used for SSL: Note that if you select several fields the Item Properties page may not show fotostatio the properties of a field.