If you need to rotate the entire spline, hold the T key “twist” and click-drag with your mouse. Roto has come a long way in the industry, and fusion has excelled in this area as the roto tool we at cmiVFX call “Best In Class”. Generally, I find that Primatte is not the best tool for soft mattes on hair or fine detail. A Fuse is a custom node written in the scripting language Lua. For instance, it’s often difficult to see noise in the matte if you’re just looking at the color, but you won’t see that dark fringe if you only look at the alpha. Pay attention to how the subject moves.

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No fumbled explanations, no stalling to fusioj up time. Learn how your comment data is processed. To conclude this part of the lesson, here are a fusion rotoscoping tutorials of things to keep in mind: Our research and development then solved each issue one at a time until we could cover as many angles as possible in a reasonable amount of time.

There is still more work to be done, of course, but the Chroma Keyer has certainly done a much better job than the Luma Keyer did. We show the simplicity of this task and take your through a simple setup using the default tools in fusion.

Blackmagic Fusion: Rotoscoping and Keying – Bryan Ray

Remember, though, that you should take every opportunity you can to simplify matters for yourself. I prefer it for organic shapes rotoscopiing it has fewer controls to keep track fusion rotoscoping tutorials, although it tends to require more points.


You can manipulate the fusion rotoscoping tutorials, setting keys or removing it, by right-clicking the bottom most line in the Tools panel.

The spill suppression is too strong, though; it’s created a magenta cast in the actor’s suit. When you first add it to the comp, you’ll be selecting the background. My very first job was rotoscoping a woman with long, fine hair and loose clothing standing in front of a wind machine.

There was nothing to do but put a key on every single frame. The next weapon in our arsenal is the Chroma Keyer. Popular methods of rotoscoping elements that travel long distances are based on tracking. Try not to move individual points if you can help it.

Blackmagic Fusion: Rotoscoping and Keying

Once you’ve fusion rotoscoping tutorials your denoise, simply subtract the denoised plate from the original plate. Roto is a simple task, but it’s time-consuming. A matte is a single-channel image that is used to isolate a part of an image, either to prevent it from being changed or to restrict changes to only that area. Primatte is another third-party tool that operates on an entirely different principle than the Chroma and Ultra Keyers.

The Chroma Keyer works by sampling the screen color and setting thresholds on all three color channels plus the luminance simultaneously to try to make just that color transparent.

Some problems will show up in one that don’t show in the other. From the fusion rotoscoping tutorials, it may use algorithms similar to Neat, but it doesn’t look like it does a Fusin transform to separate the image into frequency rotoscopijg, which is one of the things that makes Neat so powerful. You will probably have to do this several times in several areas to get the image back to a pleasing color. Apply what you know about tracking to automate moving splines.


Fusion Roto and Keying | cmiVFX

You can make several such selections, and each time you do, more colors are added to the transparency. At least, not with these controls. Primatte doesn’t use a selection box, but a paint stroke. Saves tons of time. Frame 7 is Fusion’s interpolation between the two. You can scale by holding S, or scale along just one axis fusion rotoscoping tutorials holding X or Y while dragging.

It will be present to some degree in any chroma key shot, but Fusion’s Matte Control is a superb means of getting rid of it. Fusion Roto and Keying This video demonstrates a large variety of real world solutions based on commercial work related problems. Click the Viewer’s Channels button to look at the alpha. Unfortunately, this is even worse than the green. In my case, Primatte did a pretty good job, fusion rotoscoping tutorials I don’t see any foreground noise.

Find the apex of a curved motion or the place where the hand is most open.