Has the pc version been release? However, none of them can fit for Gravesen’s CMF position as he’s main in defending in mid field rather than attacking. Copy your team’s formation by clicking on the team emblem and then on one of the free slots. Show posts by this member only Post 6. Zidane still that great in controlling the ball but get fatigue too easily. Hopefully I can get through the season with enough cash not to get sacked, then I can stack up my team a little. LE and before too.

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Aug 30 When talking about hardware bottleneck, actually WE8 already taken up more it can from PS2, that’s why the lagging problem appeared. Select the to import option file from WE8LE. Will be looking forward to give all out against Man U for the Div. So far, Cristiano Ronaldo haven’t show me that I paid the right value for him.

I’m going to add ur recommendations to my shopping list: Last time I always use ‘man mark’ not all playersbut then in the end I still feel ‘normal’ defending is the best way to be.

And he’s great in the air at 1. Aug 19 Later in the traphic, Raul was brought down in the box and then he hit the net from the spot. Have to wait ‘balik kampung’ only then can get graphif challenge.


But I personally won’t sacrifice this combo for a plain option file since having decent kits, transfers updated, max wen etc in kosos option file makes up for small upgrade game graphic studio we9 from fernando v3 to v4.

Going into the final run I was 5 pts clear on top of game graphic studio we9 table from Barca. This new feature is very grapuic, but also may be a little difficult to understand For players’ name in English, get either gra;hic foss or scorpio option file.

Oct 20 Only things different would be certain new features, which you can find out by stdio and error.

Hi Mumpleaser, I’m litteraly shitting bricks with the new graphic studio it’s the best syudio far great job guy’sespecially the WE9kit feature, perfect!! Cause mine 1 is japanese and I don understand it.

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Ref wil call foul. Anyone else, pls post your thoughts. You can’t help by training, since we game graphic studio we9 stop decline i all areas. Also knowing what direction presses give you what kind of shot. I believe it is the best combination at the moment. As for players, vearn, maybe take a look closely at you development charts to base your decision. As u said, MoM not necessary to be the scorer in the match but on overall important player: Team work rating with other players in Formatiion screen.


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Can’t wait, but thankfully with the new patch from reefur for the PS2 version of the gameI can bear the wait.

My stick’s a bit worn down but if you have grapic good original controller, theres so much more responsiveness. Ronaldos stats are dropping. There was a thread like this in Evo-Web.

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So i’ve decided to to it! But I’m still wondering thou whether the controls and response will be the same like PS2: I haven’t tried this out actually so its only a guess.

Anyway, old story lah.

His balls to Ronaldo were often intercepted or misplaced. Oct 25 ,