Selectable single or multiple areas. Generated by Ben Konrath using mkgmap. Includes support for address search and the display of destinations. Garmin-Winterkarte direct download — but read license agreement, German! Autorouting with preference for trails and offroad ways, using amongst others mtb:

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OSM dev server user daveh. Garmin WorldMap cover gxrmin most remote parts of the world. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Basic address search capability.

OSM Garmin ID

Made with splitter and mkgmap. Generated by Rafael Gustavo Gassner User: Created using osm2mp and cgpsmapper.

Aims to display any bicycle related features and ways. Selectable single or multiple areas. Routable topo map with contour lines focussed on bicycle tourists.

Autorouting with preference for quiet streets, cycleways, cycleroutes and tertiarys outside cities. Powerlines and political boundaries omitted for clarity on small screens.


ES:Mapa OSM en Garmin/Descarga – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Aims to display any outdoor related features and ways. Para usar mapas gmapsupp. Focus on bicycle routes, bicycle auto-routing and topographic map display. Con algunas modificaciones de la apariencia del estilo del mapa de User: Honshu topographic map with contour lines; now with improved transliteration; Sendai area: This map considers bans on transit for trucks, height limits etc. topoo

ES:Mapa OSM en Garmin/Descarga

Offers additionally a single street map of entire Europe plus extra layers. Para enlaces que hayan dejado de funcionar, por favor, elimina su entrada.

Five overlapping separate maps covering all European countries. Transparent Map of navigational aids OpenSeaMap. Topographic maps for the general use in the spare time and for outdoor activities. Los mapas se ofrecen en diferentes formatos. Mountainbike map with singletrails, contourlines and routing.

Maps created by mkgmap compiled garmin topo benelux 2013 with 50 m interval SRTM terrain contours. Autorouting with preference for trails and offroad ways, using amongst others mtb: Build scripts and settings available under free license.


OSM Garmin ID – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Routable topology map optimized for hiking and cycling. Site in Norwegian and some English work in progress. Garmin-Winterkarte direct download — but read license agreement, German! Contour lines, hill shading, hiking symbols and hiking trail highlighting. Registry file included for installation purposes. Splits are based on polys provided by Bdnelux. Tres versiones de cada mapa: