Then please fill in the contact form. BioNumerics is a commercial suite of 10 software modules, used for the analysis of all major applications in bioinformatics: Distributorship Privacy policy License agreement. To ensure even higher security, the entire database connection and mapping settings file can be encrypted as well. Spatial representation of clouds of entries in X-Y-Z coordinate system. Ever since the first release of GelCompar in , Applied Maths has produced state-of-the-art gel electrophoresis software for the analysis of banding patterns. BNServer has been used since the nineties in Food outbreak detection.

gelcompar ii software

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Neural Networks can be trained per experiment type and used for quick and accurate identification gelcompa complex groupings. Binary and quantitative band matching tables of multiple combined fingerprints per entry.

gelcompar ii software

See also the detailed description of the network licensing system. Accurate expression of protein or nucleic acid quantities or concentrations based on cubic spline regression using known calibration bands. Please contact us to discuss which modules are needed or desirable for your particular applications and to receive the gelcompa.

gelcompar ii software

Adjustable curve smoothing by ArithmeticMedian and Mode filters and Least Square filtering algorithms. Iterative optimization of distances according felcompar similarity matrix. With more than 2, units sold in the most prestigious research institutes worldwide and being used in numerous international epidemiological typing and surveillance networks, GelCompar II proudly bears the gold standard for the analysis of electrophoresis patterns and other fingerprinting techniques.


Contact us for details and pricing.

Applied Maths

Search form Search this site. Combined display of normalized pattern images sofgware different gel types, with similarity matrices and sorted according to dendrogram s. GelCompar is a modular software as detailed below. Analysis and comparison of electrophoresis patterns Ever since the first release of GelCompar inApplied Maths has produced state-of-the-art gel electrophoresis software for the analysis of banding patterns.

Plotting of dendrogram branches on PCA for advanced grouping comparisons. Biotechnology companies of Belgium Computational science Bioinformatics companies Software companies established in Biotechnology companies established in establishments in Belgium Software companies of Belgium Companies based in East Flanders. Control password timeout and strength, user activity logging and data input consistency. New approaches for the generation and analysis of microbial typing data. On-screen normalization of TIFF images with indication of reliability and possible misalignments.

Indication of statistical error at all linkage levels and calculation of cophenetic correlation. Computer-aided objective comparison of electrophoresis patterns for grouping and identification of microorganisms.

gelcompar ii software

Possibility to define access privileges for each individual database object. Views Read Edit View history. Client functions come with the Database Sharing Tools.

GelCompar II (free version) download for PC

Creation of 2-D and 3-D bar graphs, contingency tables, 2-D and spatial 3-D scatter plots or feature plots from database fields and band characters. Search for discriminative bands between selected groups of patterns; search for unique and common bands within selections.


Search form Search this site. Integrated databasing and analysis. Many different viewing options and statistical tools to facilitate interpretation.

Indication of total discrimination of axes. Users must purchase the Basic database module and then choose from 4 analysis modules and a database sharing tools module. Advanced database exchange functions skftware the Bundles concept and XML exchange packets. Spatial representation of clouds of entries in X-Y-Z coordinate system.

GelCompar II: Gel electrophoresis software | Applied Maths

Imaging of any selection of patterns by normalized 2D-bitmap strips, densitograms or reconstructed patterns. Storage and management of composite database queries. You can buy GelCompar first and migrate to BioNumerics later by zoftware paying the difference in price.

For the branch of mathematics, see Applied mathematics.

Non-hierarchic grouping by MDS.