This is why I believe it was an error vs an intentional design. Font Height and Width limitations. The bad news is that the generator can crash occasionally so regular saves of work in progress are advised but once the quirks are known it is a very productive tool. Logo Design Studio Everything you need to become your own logo designer! I needed to take every second byte of the created character to make the correct one. Find, extract, edit and create Windows icons in color depths up to bit True Color. The application is entirely written in Delphi, for more details, you can consult on my website http:

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This font generator produces nice font files in C code compatible format that can easily be adapted for the Arduino. It supports Windows XP icons in bit color depth The program offers you the possibility to create new fonts from scratch using the built-in editing tools or import data from Windows fonts and alter it to suit your preferences. Create your logo in a few glcd font creator thanks to the Logaster website. You can design personalized fonts for Graphic LCD and LCD liquid-crystal display by importing Windows fonts, specifying the font name, and applying several optimization options which refer to removing common blank rows and columns.


Cannot save font with GLCD Font Creator

The only disadvantage is it is not compatible with any of the existing fonts that users may have created for use with the earlier libraries.

Could it be that the fontcreator can’t handle characters this big? Creatot a personalized and professional logo quickly and easily with the DesignEvo website.

Standard EditionUpdate V3. For testing I created an all-black, size 15×30 “character”, ie. Hi Bill and thanks for putting the fontcreator back.

Generate International Font for GLCD (YouTube)

Enter Font Script Mode 2. To confirm this I created the same character with the creator and compared it with the one in fixednums7x IconLover is made with love!

Exit Font Script Mode. The French version will be available soon.

Shift the whole Font up to eliminate white pixel lines blue arrow glcd font creator. So if the created byte order is 0, 1, 2, 3, glcd font creator I needed to take every second byte of the created character to make the correct one.

Stretching A Font Update V3. Icons – Creation and Management. Not sure what you mean glcdd I think this creator may create the correct characters. Find, extract, edit and create Windows icons in color depths tlcd to bit True Color.


A user-friendly program that helps you create personalized fonts, symbols, and icons from scratch or by editing Windows fonts, and apply several customization effects e.

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Create and manage icon libraries. Enter Font Script Mode. In the output file, data array for each char takes one single line orange arrow.

I have attached a picture of the LCD showing the character. Keep in mind that there are different types of fonts. If so, why not glcd font creator openGLCD? In a few clicks, glcd font creator a logo that perfectly matches the image you want to convey of your company. Both glcdv3 and openglcd releases contain, among others, these fonts: IconLover Create Windows 8 and Vista icons, import and lgcd icons in various formats.

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