Firstly, PSPP is not a “clone”. That is to say, it behaves as experienced SPSS users would expect, and their system files and syntax files can be used in PSPP with little or no modification, and will produce similar results the actual numbers should be identical. Below is a list of some PSPP binaries for some operating systems. What is and is not accepted for publication in a journal is up to that journal’s editor. PSPP can generate high quality plots to help with visualisation of the distribution of data.

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Windows and Mac are low on our list of priorities.

Firstly, PSPP is not a “clone”. Its backend is designed to perform its analyses as fast as gnu pspp, regardless of the size of the input data. A Multimedia Course of Study http: Some very advanced statistical tests are as of not yet implemented. Drop down menus provide access to the supported statistical analyses and transformations, in addition to operations such as loading and saving of the data and syntax files.

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hnu This suggestion comes up from time to time. Skip to main text Set language. PSPP can generate high quality plots to help with visualisation gnu pspp the distribution of data. Among other advantages, this means that if you find it doesn’t completely fit your needs – perhaps there is a statistical test which you would like it to perform – then you have the means and the right ggnu improve it to fit your requirements.


Below gnu pspp a list of some PSPP binaries for some operating systems. This is useful for longer analyses which you want to perform again and again.

Automated builds of the development versions are performed typically every day. If your terminal has cursor keys, they behave in PSPP in an intuitive manner. For further information, please browse our list of frequently asked questions to see if your issue is mentioned there. Some schools specify or recommend the use of PSPP.

So if, for example, your operating system or the currently gnu pspp in user is set to Portuguese, then that is what PSPP will display.

Available procedures include t-test, anova, linear and logistic regression, ngu tests, factor analysis, principle components analysis, cluster analysis, receiver operating characteristic and many more. Like other operations, the data manipulation features can be performed using either the syntax commands or through interactive dialog gnu pspp. Because the PSPP developers gny not prepared these binaries, we cannot in general vouch for them.

This entry gnu pspp part or in whole was last reviewed on 16 November The data selection capabilities of PSPP make it simple to generate plots from a subset of variables or from data which match only certain criteria.

PSPP – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation

Operations may comprise simple boolean criteria, arithmetic expressions and mathematical functions. Please read the PSPP gnu pspp or the pspp-convert manual, for details.


Development versions have undergone less testing than released versions. To start the graphic user interface, type psppire from your terminal, or use the menu item provided by the operating system.

Index of /software/pspp

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, we feel confident that PSPP provides reliable and accurate results for a number or reasons.

However, instead one must remember lots of menu and button click sequences. However, we certainly want to provide features which will make PSPP easier to interact with other programs. Creation Submit a new entry Create a collection.

You can fetch the latest development sources from the Savannah GIT repository. We recommend you convert all your spreadsheets either to Gnumeric or Libreoffice format to avoid this extra step. Sometimes users wish to contribute money toward PSPP development.

We recommend you switch gnu pspp a free operating system. If you have the proprietary spreadsheet program MSExcel you can do this in one of the gnu pspp ways:.

A developer’s manual is also available in various formats.