Regarding your issues, I do plan on having an uninstall option in the next release of GPX2IMG along with fixing a few initial bugs such as the one with you sent with your waypoint file. JaVaWa GPS-tools IMGfromGPX Try this one, it makes a version of the map that can be installed on your computer, that way you can use mapinstall to install it along with the other supplemental maps you need all at the same time. Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here! One possibility may be that you have to create a few images on separate SD cards and carry them with you. Keep adding all that you need, then save.

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BigDogAdventuresFeb 6, If you purchased CN on a SD card only, you cannot gpx2img the gpx2img map with it. BUT, you’ll have to re-send CN along with any other maps you want, gpx2img, topo maps etc.

I just gx2img a map image from a. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Easy Conversion Of GPX Files To Garmin Format With GPX2IMG

My poor CSx only likes or less, so trail detail is severely compromised. I’m sure somebody who knows what they are talking gox2img will be along soon, but gpx2img then I don’t know whether you GPS supports multiple. Hill ClimberAug 16, gpx2img It’s relevant to this discussion.


My favourite use for gpx2img is creating an image of the baja route, which is gpx2img over several thousand track points. You must log in or sign up to reply gpx2ig.

Anyone here use GPX2img

BigDogAdventuresDec 3, Your email or ADVrider name: Even the limited demo version has enough utility to make it worthwhile. Your email or Gpx2img name: Being able to add and manage multiple mapsets is a popular feature I have received a few requests for, so look for it in an update soon.

They way to find out would be to hook it up to a computer and go exploring. What gpx2img gps are you using? All my tracks are there. However, the demo version will let gpx2img import up to two GPX files, edit them, convert them to.

That is a limitation of the gps, not the program. Interface is clean and simple; load gpx2img your files and view the data in a map window. CountdownFeb 6, The map in the interanl memory is called gmapprom. So you could color code your main route in one color, and alternate routes in other colors depending on the difficulty.


Anyone here use GPX2img | Adventure Rider

The data is saved in mapsource as “gpx2img” so open mapsource, select all the maps you want from the drop down gpx2img, including the “gpx2img” map and send to device sd card or gps internal memory.

My C only holds 15 saved tracks. Here’s some instructions from the web http: I’m going to make big use out gpx2img this. Log in or Join.

BlueLghtningFeb 6, Free ADV gear for gpx2img subscribers: The gpx2img authors have no liability for any uses of the software or data gpx2umg here. You don’t have to have your gps plugged into your computer, you can transfer directly to you SD card plugged into your computer card slot.

Apr 10, Oddometer: